Pigmentation Removal

Pigmentation and Best Pigmentation Removal Treatments

Pigmentation is defined as the colour of the skin, which is caused by melanin. Every individual will have some melanin in the skin. Skin colours will be darker if there is more melanin found in the body. Darker skin patches are known as hyperpigmentation, while lighter skin patches are known as hypopigmentation. These darker and lighter skin patches are formed when the body produces irregular levels of melanin. These lighter and darker patches are commonly seen in many,and range from birthmarks to freckles on many individuals. Many are not pleased with the results that these dark or light patches leave, so they opt for pigmentation removal. Pigmentation removal can help many individuals gain the confidence they need.

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What is the best option for pigmentation removal?

There are many options available for pigmentation removal. However, not all are created equally and will not effectively do the job. One of the best treatments for pigmentation removal is the IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation. This treatment is also known as photorejuvenation. Photorejuvenation or IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation is a newer form of facial rejuvenation. This light based skin therapy uses lasers to pinpoint small areas of skin. Square Intense pulsed light is absorbed into the skin to target cells in damaged areas, such as the brown and red pigment in and beneath the skin. The light will reach both the superficial layers (epidermis) and the deep layers (dermis). The skin will produce new cells in a rapid manner, which replace the skin that has been damaged due to pigmentation. Many wavelengths are delivered in each pulse of light rather than just one wavelength. Using IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation for pigmentation removal will allow for less downtime as damage to the epidermis is minimised by a chilled crystal that protects the skin’s surface. The light is attracted to pigments on the skin, such as age spots, which will then scatter the pigment with the heat, which shrinks the pigmentation or removes it completely. This safe and effective treatment will take about half an hour to complete, with 6 to 8 treatments in a month needed for pigmentation removal. Maintenance treatments will then be needed once every 3 months. Some individuals will see results immediately, while others will see results forming in as little as 2 weeks. Pigmentation that has been on the body for a longer period of time will be harder to remove. Areas of the body that may be treated with IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation include the face, chest, neck, shoulders and hands.

How can one avoid skin pigmentation?

Many may not want to take the time with pigmentation removal. There are a few steps that one can take to avoid having uneven pigmentation. Avoid the sun, and wear a high quality SPF. Ensure that the skin and body are getting adequate amounts of vitamin D and vitamin A. These two vitamins are essential for improving elasticity of the skin, and help with collagen production. Better resiliency will be seen with the use of vitamins D and A. Take time to moisturise the skin. Fully hydrated skin will fair much better by allowing the tissues to repair themselves and the wound healing responses to work faster.

Pigmentation removal is a common procedure done in many dermatologist offices. Look for a dermatologist that is willing to show a portfolio of patients they have done the procedure on. Always ask who will be performing the pigmentation removal and what sort of experience they have with the type of treatment they provide, as well as the training they have received to do a particular treatment for pigmentation removal.

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  1. awesome experience!!!
    awesome experience!!! says:

    If I could post photos of my before and after IPL Laser Skin rejuvenation, I would. The experience was wonderful. I had a great dermatologist that really took the time to care and let me know what was to be expected. She showed me before and after photos of patients she has treated that needed to have pigmentation removal. I am now in her portfolio. She did an excellent job on me! The treatment is simple and only took about 25 minutes. I had to have 6 sessions done and do go in for maintenance every 3 months or so. There is a cool gel that is applied to the face that I found to be very soothing. Plus you will have to wear eye protection. The treatment uses a hand piece that your dermatologist will glide over the treatment area. Pulses of light are delivered to the skin. After the treatment, I did feel a warming sensation in my face, but my dermatologist said that was to be expected. During the treatment, there was some mild pain but it was only like a rubber band was snapping me, which I was fine with. I was able to return to work right after each of the treatments that I had done. I believe that for an hour or so I had some slight redness, but it was not really noticeable. I asked my coworker if she could tell and she said I was slightly flushed but it was not too bad. I noticed my skin looked better after the first session, however, the true results for me came after my 6th session. I suppose that each individual is different. I highly recommend that if one is looking for a pigmentation removal, that they utilize this form of treatment. It worked well for me and I am confident it can work for you.

  2. Katy
    Katy says:

    I am 16 years old and have some unwanted pigmentation on my arms. I am in need of something to help me as I have been called names since I was in junior high. Kids my age can be so cruel. I wondered if there are any pigmentation removal treatments that are suitable for someone of my age? I know that many times treatments are only for adults. Does anyone know if IPL Laser skin rejuvenation is used on teenagers?

  3. Freak
    Freak says:

    I have had issues with my skin’s pigmentation for several years. I have red spots on my chest and my hands. I have had them for the better part of 10 years. I am embarrassed by them and feel like a freak. In the winter, I am able to cover it with scarves on my chest and shirts that are not cut low. However, I am not able to cover my hands. I just feel like others are looking at me. I am very interested in pigmentation removal. I have never thought much about it, but have tried several at home remedies, all of which have failed me. However, I am very interested in the IPL Laser Skin Rejuvenation. This sounds like a good procedure to have done. Looking forward to scheduling a time with my dermatologist to see if this is an option for me.

  4. Little Miss
    Little Miss says:

    I am looking into having a pigmentation removal. I have brown spots on my face due to excessive sun exposure. I also have a few spots on my chest that I would like removed at the same time if possible. I just feel like I could look so much better and younger looking if I had a treatment done to remove some of this pigment!


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