The Truth about Using Panthenol

Panthenol, which is really a pro vitamin of B5, is a water-soluble ingredient commonly used in cosmetics mainly because of its ability to provide moisturising and smoothing properties, especially on human hair and skin.

This substance, whose full name is Panthetonol, is the alcohol analog of panthotenic acid or Vitamin B5. It is soluble in water and slightly soluble in glycerin. This highly soluble quality is what accounts for its high popularity in the world of cosmetic production.


As a natural ingredient, Panthenol was first found in plants in the form of a clear substance of rare viscosity. However, it can also be found in a powdery presentation in the form of salts.

Available in nature in the form of two opposing presentations –known as enantiomers – both of which possess moisturising properties, Panthenol is a popular moisturising agent that is used to bind other ingredients in products concerning personal hygiene or beauty.

FDA Approval

Pantothenic acid has been regarded safe by the FDA for most uses. However, several warnings have been raised concerning certain issues, such as the risks of using products containing Panthenol for over long periods of time.

Chemical Properties Commonly found in Panthenol

Panthenol in its chemical structure has the ability to attract moisture. In addition, Panthenol binds to water molecule quite effectively, thus making it the ideal carrier for other substances as well.

Since it is an effective skin penetrator, it is sometimes used for ointment mixtures where its efficacy as a carrier can be really demonstrated. According to some independent studies, Panthenol has the ability to reduce skin irritation and inflammation. This is why it can be found in certain skincare products as well. Finally, it has the quality of providing extra shine and gloss to human skin and hair.

Types of Products Containing Panthenol

There is a vast array of products that contain Panthenol available on the cosmetic market these days. Chances are that if one were to take a look at the labels of all cosmetic products lying around our house, we would most surely find Panthenol written in them.

Most common products containing Panthetonol include shampoos and hair conditioners, body lotions and creams, ointments and treatment lotions and finally, some hairsprays, too.

Panthenol and its Benefits

One of the main reasons so many beauty companies have turned to this substance is its efficiency in providing moisturising properties in very commonly used products. Apart from attracting moisture and binding water molecules, this ingredient is effective for treating sunburns, reducing skin irritation and inflammation and finally, to treat certain symptoms, such as skin irritation and occasional rashes.

What about the Side Effects? 

Unfortunately, even when we all like glossy hair, there are certain warnings that must be taken into account before using Panthenol that openly. First off, according to recent research, permanent and continuous use of products containing high quantities of Panthenol may ironically, turn out to be detrimental to skin health. For example, cases of skin rash and irritation have been reported among massive users.

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