While many of us are keen to shed their extra kilos, it’s usually easier said than done. How can you get rid of unwanted flab without special diet, exercise or even surgical procedures like Liposuction? You exercise and eat right – still you can’t get rid of those stubborn pockets of fat hugging your hips or clinging to your thighs. Advanced Lipodissolve is the latest craze in body sculpting. This relatively new technique is gaining in popularity because it promises to permanently melt-away fat up to 6″ inches of fat. Advanced Lipodissolve is a simple, no-surgery, doctor-administered treatment that is used for fat loss, cellulite removal, spot reduction and body sculpting.

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While lifestyle change is the most common way to lose fat, and gastric bypass is a surgical method to achieve massive weight loss, many individuals are still left with pockets of fat or fatty deposits in particular areas of their bodies no matter how much weight they have lost. These areas are sometimes termed “problem areas”. Over the years fitness salespeople have tried to tout their exercise programs to spot-reduce problem thighs, hips, abdomen and upper arms. However, true fitness professionals and plastic surgeons alike are unanimous in their knowledge that you cannot spot reduce the body with training.

Pockets of fat exist because of genetics. Some people store fat around their middle, while others have “saddle bags” on their thighs, or even fat stores on their face or under their chin. While liposuction is a surgical alternative for removing fatty deposits, increasing numbers of patients are turning to safer Lipodissolve treatment to get a similar result without surgery.

What is Advanced Lipodissolve Treatment?

Advanced Lipodissolve is a non-surgical procedure during which tiny injections of medications are administered directly into the areas of fat. The treatment causes the fat cells to melt away and then dissolve, with the remaining cellular material being reabsorbed or metabolised by the body. It is considered a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to liposuction for treatment of pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise.

Does Lipodissolve really work?

The active ingredient that makes the fat cells melt away is called Phosphatidylcholine (“PPC”). It causes lysis (bursting) of the cell walls, allowing the fat inside the cells to be released, metabolized and excreted by the body in urine. A complex of B vitamins is added to the injection to assist the liver as it breaks down the fat. These two ingredients are delivered by injection in a saline solution (salt water).

Is Lipodissolve the same as Mesotherapy?

While Lipodissolve treatment injections go deep into the fat pockets with significant amounts of medication, Mesotherapy treatment is injected in small amounts into the skin. Lipodissolve treatment has significant results with each treatment and thus fewer treatments are necessary than with Mesotherapy.

Who can benefit from a Lipodissolve procedure?

Patients who have significant pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise are good candidates for Lipodissolve. Those who are pregnant, breast-feeding, or have a significant or uncontrolled medical conditions may have to wait to proceed with the treatment. Lipodissolve is a not a treatment for weight loss or obesity and is best for individuals who have reached their ideal weight and maintained it for at least 6 months.

What results can I expect from Lipodissolve and how long will they last?

Lipodissolve results in a loss of on average 2.5 cm of fat for every 100cc of the treatment medication administered. Individual responses to the medication differ significantly between individuals so some will need more treatments than others. Soft fat is more sensitive to Lipodissolve, while fibrous fat tissue is more resistant. Both types of fat will eventually respond to the treatment, but it may take more time for the latter. Results usually begin to be apparent 4 to 7 weeks after treatment, though full results may not appear until three months afterwards. The results of Lipodissolve are permanent, though an unhealthy lifestyle including poor diet and lifestyle may contribute to generation of new fat cells. Therefore, after treatment, a regular exercise program and good nutrition are critical to maintaining results.

Are there risks associated with Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve has been on the market in Europe since 2002 and is now available worldwide. It is administered using tiny needles that do not cause significant discomfort. The potential side effects include the risk of minor bruising, swelling and soreness in the treated area. These side effects may be at their peak 48 hours after the procedure and resolve within two weeks. Patients can return to normal daily.

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  1. Katie Smith says:

    My friend at work asked me a few days ago ‘What is Lipodissolve?’ I was stunned that somebody who lives in a world like we do, doesn’t really know what it is. When I started to talk about the laser fat removal she couldn’t believe that I would go through all that just for beauty. Well, guess that’s me. Lipodissolve is just one of the possibilities if you want to erase all the visible signs that you haven’t been exercising or eating properly. I do regret the fact that I don’t really care about nutrition or exercise, but it’s really not part of my lifestyle. I am a very busy woman, so lipodissolve is a perfect ally in my battle to stay fit and sculpted. I can’t say much about the details, because you should check it with a specialist, but this article definitely came in handy. It got all the basics straight. The rest is up to your medical history and the doctor that takes care of you.

  2. Melissa says:

    The liposuction cost varies from clinic to clinic I think. You should check with various clinic, if you really want to save a little money. It’s not a big deal, just call the number they give out, or schedule a consultation with some of the consultants, or even the doctor himself. Anyways, I read some lipodissolve reviews, and they were very good, so I scheduled a consultation with a local doctor. He told me openly all the little details, how it works, what is the downtime, and what the chemicals are that actually go into your body to make the fat melt away. No wonder it is cold lipodissolve. It literally dissolves all the fat cells stored in little places that you cannot get out, because they are just stuck to you like superglue. Great way to tone up without recovering painfully for days. Just make sure to consult someone who is trained to administer the injections so that they are effective as much as possible.

  3. Grace says:

    Us ladies really have to put in a lot of effort into looking beautiful for the men in our lives, or for ourselves at least. I’m not really that subconscious when it comes to my body, but I do like to stay toned. Especially with the summer coming and the swimsuit season is just around the corner. The cost of liposuction can sometimes be overwhelming. I can’t afford it, for example. But I do need a cellulite treatment. As many ladies say, some things you can erase with just exercise. That’s why I opted for the lipodissolve. The little needles changed my life. I did have a little bruising a day after, but it wasn’t visible to others, since the area I treated is covered up. I love the results it gave, and I am absolutely thrilled. You get what you pay for, but feel free to invest in this one. You won’t regret it.

  4. Hayley says:

    How much does lipodissolve cost, and does it vary from clinic to clinic? I like to have all the information, and if I can pinch a penny or two, here and there, why not. Like to be frugal always. I’ve noticed that the trend of non-invasive liposuction has been growing and growing, and I believe it is for a good reason. An effective, non-aggressive treatment just seems to melt away the critical fat areas you can’t get rid of. Does it have side effects, yes, like everything else in this world, right? Every action has a reaction or something like that. But as far as I see it, it’s probably worth it, because you will be getting rid of something, you can’t otherwise. We have to respect the professionals that do this for us and realize that it is a delicate thing to treat someone’s body faults. Thank God there are treatments like this.

  5. Bronwyn B says:

    This is definitely not for the ladies that are severely obese. When you realize that, you can consider this treatment. Laser liposuction or any kind of lipo without invasion is suitable for the ladies that have genetic problems, where you can exercise all you want but the fat just sticks to your tummy or thighs. Liposuction before and after photos are great examples of what you can achieve with the classic lipo, but the before and after with lipodissolve are also pretty noticeable. I cannot complain. I was a bit considered with what kind of chemicals are injected into my body, but after the specialist explained it to me, I was a little bit more confident that it is a good thing, and that they really know what they are doing. It was just what I needed and was looking for. After all, it’s not something that has just appeared, so there are lots of reviews online that you can read through, before you decide to do it.

  6. Monique Fawcett says:

    Wow! One of the best treatments there is. Love it. Those little fat pockets are flushed away as they never even were a part of my body. Lipodissolve is not aggressive; there are no bloody incisions or scars. Of course, there are certain side effects. The little needles literally destroy the fat and the metabolism throws it away. The PPC makes the fat disintegrate like it’s nothing. Amazing! Non surgical liposuction is the best way, if you don’t like a lot of downtime. After his procedure, I can just continue with my regular life, and that’s also an advantage. I would choose lipodissolve treatments over any other, any time. The amount of injections you get equals the number of cells that are destroyed. And thus, you get a slimmer body line. My confidence has boosted through the roof now! Don’t hesitate ladies, go for it. You can’t lose anything, expect the nasty fat you have lying around your hips and thighs.

  7. Jameela says:

    Lipodissolve has been around for some time. Along with a couple of other less invasive treatment this one is my fave. I love the small downtime it gives you; you can go right out to coffee after it. It also doesn’t hurt a lot, although it is a bit uncomfortable. You know what they say, no pain no gain. I love the gain that you get with lipodissolve. I treated several areas that were critical in my opinion. The doctor seemed to think I didn’t need the treatments at all, but I am a perfectionist. The lipodissolve cost is a bit pricey, but as long as it is effective for you, you shouldn’t think about it. Consider paying a lot of money for a treatment that doesn’t work for you. That would be a waste of money. But if this works, you shouldn’t doubt it all. Go for it, check it out, you might like it as much as I did.

  8. fatty_betty says:

    You can’ get rid of that unwanted flab with just exercise and diet. That’s not possible! It never was realistically possible. Especially after you shed lots of pounds...Fat can be so stubborn, I know it. It’s been my ’companion’ for so many years now. Sometimes I look at my skin, and I say to myself ’That’s disgusting’. I really do! I needed a non surgical liposuction. An alternative to surgery, because I don’t want stiches or incisions. Lipodissolve is just the thing. When I found out about it, I didn’t hesitate. I scheduled an appointment, and was in line waiting to get lipodissolve. The fat just melted away... It’ just gone like some kind of a miracle...

  9. cost of lipo? says:

    I was on this weight loss diet, which made me loose like 15 kilograms in a really short period. But I was still left with the fat. I had no muscles at all, and even though I was much skinnier, I was fat all around. My cellulite treatment at home consisted of putting an anti-cellulite cream, wrapping it into foil, and sweating the fat out. But that didn’t work well enough… What is the real cost of liposuction, when you account everything you have to pay once you are administered into the hospital? I’m guessing a lot more than the lipodissolve costs.

  10. Emma Nimarotta says:

    The article states it so obviously – mesotherapy and lipodissolve are not the same. I had mesotherapy before, and it’s kind of similar to this, and as it says it really is a less effective treatment. It’s not just that fast, it doesn’t work as fast as I would like it to. Is there an article somewhere about something called liposculpture?

  11. LiquidLipo? says:

    Has anyone ever heard of LiquidLipo or the so-called non invasive liposuction? That’s something new, I’d really like to hear more about that, thumbs up if you’d like too!

  12. Confusion says:

    Is this like a non invasive liposuction? I am still quite confused with how it’s supposed to work… I bet it doesn’t give the exact same results as the liposuction. But, given how much lipodissolve costs, it’s not a big deal, since it costs far less than a liposuction!

  13. Jay K. says:

    So, a girl from college told me that she got fabulous lipodissolve results, and that it’s something that you just get without resting afterwards. I like that fact how fast it melts away your fat, and it seems like it did on her, because, I know she doesn’t work out at all, and she’s not really a healthy eater. And the fat just melted away from her tummy and thighs. I’m almost jealous. Luckily, there is a clinic near my town that has a good reputation and can do this. I read many lipodissolve reviews, and each one said the same thing, so I am going to schedule my first appointment. Wish me luck, I’m so excited!

  14. Awesomeness says:

    This is even a better alternative than laser liposuction. It’s less painful, and I’ve tried both. I had lots of cellulite on my behind and stomach. The usual problematic areas… I’m not much different than the average person. I just want a cellulite free body! I had a couple of treatment with Lipodissolve. It is such an innovation in the beauty industry, and I really like it. It’s not that painful, it’s actually quite normal. I feel normal after it, I don’t have to lay down for days and days… I don’t have nasty incisions and that’s what I love about it as well! Now, when I look online and search liposuction before and after shots, I can see mild differences. But the results are pretty much the same. That is, if you combine Lipodissolve with proper exercise and nutrition! Then you get amazing results and a fascinatingly sculpted body.

  15. Questions relating to Lipo says:

    Can anyone tell me what lipolysis is? I heard about that, but I don’t know what does it have to do with fat exactly, can’t remember. Is it like a surgical procedure? I love the non surgical liposuction versions, lipodissolve and mesotherapy, but also liposonix… I believe there is also something like that. Injections sound less scary and dangerous. Although all of you probably think doing a procedure is not that bad, but once you get on that operating table, it’s a big deal, trust me.

  16. Bella La Bella Mafia says:

    So many lipodissolve reviews say that it is a huge, revolutionary treatment that will mold your body into perfection. I like the sound of that! I mean, if you can be perfect, why not go all the way! At least you’re not going to have surgery. You can get into the doctor’s office, and do the thing, get out like nothing happened. And then, on top of all that, you don’t even pay as much as you would for liposuction. Liposuction prices are sky high for me. I would never pay that! On the other hand, you get great results with lipodissolve, no matter what area you treat, you can end up looking like you imagined always. Imagine going to the pool with no cellulite what so ever, looking like a model that came out of the magazine. That’s my dream!

  17. Kary says:

    Finances are the big questions here, since removing the fat isn’t just some beauty thing, it can be related to your health. Overall, it’s serious so costs have to be taken into consideration. Tummy tuck cost can’t compare to lipodissolve costs because they are so different in every way. Tummy tuck costs a lot more… But it’s done only once, while you have to repeat lipodissolve, that’s the catch. Don’t fall for that trick, like get mesotherapy, it’s cheaper, and then get depressed because you don’t get any results. We fall for that one almost in every part of our lives, because something seems cheaper of the bat, doesn’t mean it’s the best choice long term. I believe that investing in a good liposuction, classic liposuction, not the alternatives like this one, is always the best and most efficient choice that gives great outcome.

  18. Neck Liposuction? says:

    Must have missed a part, what about neck liposuction? Can lipodissolve be injected into the neck area to make it more firm, and melt away some fat spots? Pardon me if I’m repeating myself, or anyone else, I can’t read the whole thing through so carefully.

  19. Alexx says:

    All I know is that liposuction before and after pics make me want to stay fat forever. Who would go through all that pain for just sucking the fat out of yourself? Those people look like cut up pieces of meat, that’s so sad. I would suggest reading a little bit more about liquid lipo, sounds like a revolutionary thing. I’m not an expert or anything, just a little bit nosey when it comes to medicine and health. I like to stay in touch with the latest in beauty and procedures.

  20. Sellen says:

    Sure, lipodissolve Sydney has is very popular and has good reviews and all, but it’s not so effective. You can’t say it’s the most effective. Sure, it’s great and fast, and painless, and everything, but for me laser liposuctions is the bomb. Lipodissolve is not something all of us can relate to, like extreme cases of obesity. You can’t expect lipodissolve to help you with all the layers of hard core fat you have… On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that’s just going to melt some of those fat places on your body, not transform you completely, than it’s great.

  21. Kelly R. says:

    The article states it so obviously – mesotherapy and lipodissolve are not the same. I had mesotherapy before, and it’s kind of similar to this, and as it says it really is a less effective treatment. It’s not just that fast, it doesn’t work as fast as I would like it to. Is there an article somewhere about something called liposculpture?

  22. Karolinne says:

    Why do people even discuss liposuction here, when it’s clearly suggesting an alternative and a non-surgical procedure for removing fat? Liposuction cost is way higher than lipodissolve or mesotherapy, or anything else. I give all five starts to lipodissolve, it really isn’t painful, and it melts away the fat. It just makes it run away, gone, clear, like it never was there, and I didn’t have to even work hard for it, didn’t have any pain, or recovery, it was amazing, it’s something a girl can just wish for. It’s almost like magic, it’s unbelievable that something like this exists and that people made something like this. Knowing that this exists, I would never get surgery, never in my life. It’s so risky, and this practically doesn’t have any risks…

  23. Cost cost cost says:

    People are always discussing the lipodissolve cost, and never how awesome lipodissolve is! Think about what it is giving you, and what benefits it has! I love it, there are so many advantages to it. No surgery, no pain, no long recoveries… Moreover, the fat just seems to disappear without you having to do anything. There are no painful exercises and sweating your buttocks off in the gym! I would give my last penny if I never had to exercise, ever again! I bet there are people like me out there too!


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