Non-Surgical Hand Rejuvenation

Non-Surgical Hand Rejuvenation Can Take Years Off Your Look

Have you ever considered what hand rejuvenation can do for your appearance? It may seem like a subtle anti-ageing idea to tackle, but the hands can actually give away your age quite easily. Why work on making your face or neck area look years younger, when your hands look your exact age? Let’s look at why your hands might betray your age. The reason being is that while many people protect their faces with SPF in various moisturisers or makeup, many of those same ones neglect their hands. Or they might take care to wear a hat in direct sunlight, but the hands are just out there soaking in all those damaging rays of UVA/UVB light.

The hands themselves, for the most part, are always exposed to the elements. That’s the exact problem. If all you do is wear gloves in the winter, sometimes that isn’t enough. Take a look at everything your hands go through each day. This includes sun damage in the form of age spots, which is called hyperpigmentation, or what is sometimes referred to as “liver spots”. Wind or environmental problems that trigger dehydration in the skin on the hands, making them look older and “crepy.” Thin skin doesn’t look young, because once the fat is diminished in the hand area, your hands are going to naturally look more mature. They can be a dead giveaway to your real age, because of the wrinkled surface texture of your hands.

Finally just the simple act of using your hands on a daily basis can age them prematurely. So the fact is if you’ve been a little careless about your hands, there are some steps you can take to improve the look of them. A couple of different hand rejuvenation procedures can actually take years off your look. Here are the two types of treatments specifically for more youthful hands.

Consider Having Regular Dermal Fillers Done

The first treatment to consider for the hand area are various dermal fillers. As we age, our skin loses volume and elasticity. This is just a natural part of the aging process that everyone goes through. The cells don’t renew themselves as much, skin gets thinner, and our hands can look older than other parts of our bodies.

When you consult with the right skin health experts or dermatologists, like the ones at Advanced Dermatology, they can go over the types of dermal fillers that work well in the hand area. Hand rejuvenation with dermal fillers can make the skin on the hands look more plump, vibrant, and youthful.

Dermal fillers plump out the fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin look much smoother. It’s pretty much like getting a facelift for your hands. Keep in mind though, that dermal fillers are only a temporary solution that you have to commit to regular injections. In the hand area, this is usually done about once a year.

Try Syneron IPL PhotoRejuvenation For Hands

Another treatment to try is Syneron Photorejuvenation. This is an IPL based technology treatment that can significantly reduce dark pigmentation on your hands. This will minimise the appearance of all those age spots that make your hands look much older than they should. Freckles and sun damage are banished in repeated procedures.

It can even reduce fine lines and pore size on the hands, giving you the skin of your dreams. This kind of treatment that only takes a half hour per visit but is going to revitalise the skin on the hands to make it more radiant and youthful. Your hands are going to be glowing and healthy again.

Total Hand Rejuvenation Is Possible At Advanced Dermatology

Total hand rejuvenation is possible with Clariskin from the best skin health experts and dermal fillers in the right places. These two therapies in tandem when done with a targeted expertise are going to make your hands look decades younger. It’s just that easy when you know the right combination of cosmetic procedures provided by Advanced Dermatology.

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