Mesotherapy is a non surgical cosmetic procedure that targets fat and cellulite. Tiny injections deliver a cocktail of natural ingredients are administered into the subcutaneous fat. Mesotherapy treatments have been performed throughout Europe, North America, and more recently the United States for decades. There are hundreds of published clinical studies and effects of Mesotherapy. Advanced Dermatology provides physician administered mesotherapy almost anywhere on the body. We also offer Lipolysis, Lipodissolve and various laser asisted treatments.

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About Mesotherapy

Weight loss and fat reduction are common concerns among men and women seeking a fit, attractive and healthy appearance. Weight loss can be achieved through lifestyle change including diet and exercise, and in some extreme cases, bariatric surgery. However, many men and women have pockets of fat in areas of their body that do not disappear regardless of the amount of exercise or change in diet.

Surgical techniques including liposuction can target these localised pockets of fat. But surgery is not for everyone. It requires acceptance of significant risk and a potential for complications. It also requires time off work and other activities of daily living.

While many non-surgical techniques are marketed for the treatment of these pockets of fat, very few are actually effective. In the early 1950s in France, physician Dr. Michel Pistor, developed a treatment called Mesotherapy to target cellulite, among other injuries and ailments via a series of small injection.

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is treatment wherein a solution of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and a medication called phosphatidylcholine are injected in small amounts into the skin. The goal with respect to fat reduction is cellulite reduction. The results of the treatment are minimal and the number of treatments required to see any change are significant.

In recent years, scientists have built on the principles of Mesotherapy to develop a treatment called Lipodissolve.

What is Lipodissolve?

Lipodissolve evolved from Mesotherapy into a more effective, safer and more advanced therapeutic technique. While Lipodissolve evolved from Mesotherapy, they are actually very distinct treatments. In Lipodissolve, the key active ingredient, phosphatidylcholine is present in the injections in a much greater concentration. In addition, injections are administered directly into the fatty tissue instead of into the skin like in Mesotherapy. During the Lipodissolve treatment, the active ingredient phosphatidylcholine, causes cell walls to burst and then dissolve. Fat from within the cell is released and destroyed by the body.

Does Mesotherapy really work?

Mesotherapy can work for pockets of fat but may take a minimum of 10 sessions for results to be where a patient wants. It is time consuming and costly.

Does Lipodissolve really work?

Lipodissolve works to reduce pockets of fat. Approximately 2.5 cm of fat are eliminated with every treatment. Studies conducted across multiple countries have shown patient satisfaction rates of over 90%.

Are Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve treatments safe?

Both Mesotherapy and Lipodissolve treatment providers claim that these treatments are safe and affordable. Thousands of patients have undergone both treatments, and the products used in both cases are naturally occurring in the body. Lipodissolve is more clinically effective because injections are targeted directly into the fatty tissue.

Should I choose Mesotherapy or Lipodissolve?

While Mesotherapy may appear less expensive at the outset, the number of treatments required makes it less appealing and equally costly. Lipodissolve is quicker and has shown greater efficacy in its ability to provide clinically significant results (ones that you can really see!).

Our recommendation: Choose Lipodissolve

Though both treatments are safe, the significantly greater effectiveness of Lipodissolve makes it a much easier choice for our expert physicians to recommend and provide. In fact, it is so effective that we recommend it over liposuction as a first step to combatting resistant pockets of fat. We believe that avoiding invasive surgical procedures is always a better first step. In this case, Lipodissolve may be so effective that it will eliminate the need for surgical treatment like liposuction.

Lipodissolve and even Mesotherapy are suitable for almost everyone. Individuals who are pregnant or nursing, who have medical conditions that are uncontrolled, or who have psychological issues related to weight, like anorexia nervosa or bulimia, are not ideal candidates for this treatment. These treatments are designed to target pockets of fat and not as a means of significant weight reduction.

Get the Summer Body You've Always Wanted With Our LaserLipo Pro Offer For As Low As $150 Per Session.

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8 replies
  1. Mesotherapy user
    Mesotherapy user says:

    This was a very informative post. I also noticed that mesotherapy didn’t give me the results I wanted and I’m doing my research into this and other lipolysis methods. It’s pretty impressive how much the technology has evolved. There are online Mesotherapy reviews none of them were as informative. Ps. I had my mesotherapy performed in Melbourne at the Victoria Cosmetic clinic. They were very professional and extremely helpful.

  2. Jane
    Jane says:

    I’ve had mesotherapy in Sydney, it’s not that bad. It’s not painful, I didn’t have any side-effects. It does seem like a more slow method to losing some of the fatty areas I’ve been storing up during the past couple of winters. I’ve heard about lipodissolve and how it seems to be a more efficient procedure. Less doctor visiting, that’s for sure. It’s not like acupuncture for weight loss, because this actually gives some results. You just have to check with a trained specialist to make sure that you are the right candidate for mesotherapy, or for lipodissolve, too. It’s not like you can just walk in and request one. You can, but the doctor will give a professional evaluation and make estimates on how many treatment you are going to need, and what is the best way to get rid of the fat storage you have on your body.

  3. Ann
    Ann says:

    It is really the truth that some fat just doesn’t want to leave our bodies. Even the best exercise to lose weight didn’t help me get rid of cellulite. It’s still here, on my belly, thighs… It just really doesn’t want me to wear a swimsuit. But in my pursuit of slimmer and toner body, I stumbled upon mesotherapy reviews online. Seemed like a safe procedure to me, and as I still had a lot of months till the summer, I tried it out. I had a very helpful physician who explained it all to me. It was all just like in this article. It did take me quite a few sessions to see apparent results, but I don’t mind it. The slower the change, more natural it feels to me. It feels like I did it on my own, when instead I had little help from my physician friend. Worked for me, that’s all I can say.

  4. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    For me, I think that cellulite removal is so common these days, more through cosmetic procedures, than the natural way, which is exercise. If you are a perfectionist, you will opt to get something done. It doesn’t have to be surgery. I would recommend lipodissolve. It’s just like mesotherapy, but you get a much powerful injection, meaning, the concentration of the fat destroying chemicals is much bigger. That makes the entire process more effective and you gat faster results. We expect everything to be fast these days, so wonderful doctors devised this treatment. I really like it, because it takes less treatments than mesotherapy. It is a bit more expensive, but when you count all the number of treatments that you undergo with mesotherapy… It’s the same. Anyhow, I think both work the same way, but this procedure is much slower and maybe for people who like to take it easy.

  5. Julie
    Julie says:

    This is definitely not for someone struggling with obesity. Obesity is quite hard to shake, it takes months, and sometimes years. And it’s a combination of exercise, nutrition and procedures to get your overweight body in shape. I know, I’ve been there, I’ve struggled with my eating habits and lifestyle for such a long time. But I put a stop to it, and the last two years have been life changing for me. Nobody seems to believe that I used to be overweight. And believe me folks, I was. Here is the catch… Some fat was super glued to my body. And I don’t blame it… I was referred to a beauty clinic which conducted mesotherapy in Melbourne. It seemed like a much safer option, sort of like a non surgical liposuction. I have to stress that I am still going for therapy, and I’ve had about 9 treatments. I think it’s really starting to show right now, and I can’t stress how much happier I am now with my own body, and lifestyle.

  6. Linda
    Linda says:

    There are so many non invasive treatments these days, it’s really hard to pick which one best suits you. You can’t try them all… I mean you can, but who has the kind of money and nerves to go through all of them. Mesotherapy is really efficient for loosing some of the fatty areas you can’t really take of with anything else but a small little procedure like this. And it also kind of helps with skin tightening… It doesn’t just remove the fat, and leaves you hanging there. It did take me more than a couple of visits to my physician. He was wonderful and treated me with such careful attention. But it does take quite a while to see some results, and it does add up when it comes to money. I think nowadays there are certain procedures that are more effective and concentrated, just so you save time.

  7. Miss Jansen
    Miss Jansen says:

    My mother followed the best diet to lose weight, and she did it. She lost a lot of weight, fortunately didn’t get it back. She also had a couple of beauty procedures done to make her skin tight again, and just to make body more appealing, at least for herself. She is definitely an often guest at the skin rejuvenation clinic I have to say. Mesotherapy is something that she has tried in the earlier stages of losing weight, and it was not for her. I would say that the first doctor made a bad estimate. Maybe it would work now, when she has lost so much weight. As far as the entire procedure is concerned, it’s quite safe. If you need losing weight tips, this is one of them: do everything you can to lose weight, and then try mesotherapy or some kind of a more efficient treatment. It’s all individual.

  8. Graceie
    Graceie says:

    Thanks for the post and clarifying the differences. I have heard some scary things about Mesotherapy and Advanced Lipodissolve. This was helpful. From what i’ve gathered it’s pretty effective but comes with downtime.


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