Manning Up Cosmetic Surgery

In the age of gender equality, it would be a fallacy to believe that aesthetic surgery is exclusive to women. It only takes a quick glance at the statistics to discover that the figures are really revealing. One of the most groundbreaking news is that there is an ongoing trend involving more male visits to cosmetic surgeons. Additionally, some professional roles seem to include rejuvenating as part of their professional requirements.

A Novel Trend

Cosmetic treatments have become increasingly popular these past decades. However until recently, these were limited to female patients. At the turn of the century though, the trend seemed to have bucked up tilting the scales somewhat more evenly. Contrary to what some skeptics believed, the process has sped up even more. A huge market has now emerged, designed to attract male patients who wish (or need to) look better. The web is teeming with sites targeting male audiences and chat rooms peopled with all kinds of urban characters ruling the world of aesthetic procedures.

Unique Motivation

To think that men turn to cosmetic treatments for the same reasons women do would be a blunt generalisation. Moreover, there is a common belief (especially among elder males) that men who worry about their appearance suffer from some kind of disorder; they don’t. Research has revealed that men are definitely not infected with a contagious form of Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD): looks just fare better on the job market these days.

Trite but true, men seek many of the advantages women also look for: recognition, prolonged youth, improved self-esteem and social acceptance. Nonetheless, there seems to be a stronger urge to conform to certain professional standards that have become part of the work market. According to leading psychologists, men tend to exert further pressure on their professional development. Consequently, it should come as no surprise that they should look for ways of improving their physiques as a way of boosting their job standing.

 Is there a Boy Way?

Again, cosmetic surgeons have found male demands to be somewhat different from the traditional female “jobs”. “Top” surgeons over the country have provided this list of surgical procedures which are popular among male patients.

  • Jawline augmentation
  • High-definition Liposuction
  • Gynecomastia
  • Facelift

Stereotype Theory

One of the most interesting discoveries linked with this topic suggests that men tend to fulfill certain “male” roles and that surgery can help. Some observers have called it the “look the part” approach to life.

The Body-Builder: These men want to look larger than life, so getting rid of body fat and increasing muscle mass is vital. They traditionally opt for liposuction, chest augmentation and gynecomastia. Aim: Look and feel Herculean.

The Male Model: The most widely sought-after look: jawline augmentation, breast and glutear implants and liposuction are the typical procedures requested by men who feel they have lost their manly touch.

The Corporate Member: AKA CEO or Board Member, is striving to look experienced without looking haggard: facelift or liposuction to shake off a couple of years.

Finally, there is a newer version known as the “athletic dad” that appeals to men’s general need to feel young when age seems to have played havoc with the otherwise college hunk. Either way, aesthetic surgery is now an asset that can really add up to professional life; whether it really pays off, only the future can tell.

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