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Laser Lipo Treatment

No matter your weight or fitness level, cellulite and excessive fat is a common problem for many women and men. These fat deposits often appear on the buttocks, thighs, stomach and hips, leaving women and men uncomfortable with their bodies. For individuals looking for a treatment to reduce cellulite and excessive fat the very latest technology is laser and light assisted body contouring method commonly known as Laser Lipo. Advanced Dermatology’s Laser Lipo body sculpting treatment is an FDA and TGA approved advanced medical procedure that has outperformed many other fat ablation methods. Unlike other fat reduction gimmicks prevalent in the marketplace via medically unproven techniques using wraps, herbs or injections, our Laser Lipo treatment uses a method that is scientifically proven to work. This technology is used to shrink overall measurements (circumferential reduction), body contouring, body sculpting and cellulite reduction. This non-invasive treatment offers excellent results with little downtime.

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What is Laser Lipo?

The Laser Lipo machine uses a special technology, made by the leading laser manufacturer, Syneron which combines infrared optical energy consisting of light energy and bi-polar radiofrequency. This Laser Lipo technology is combined with a mechanical massage and vacuum pump technology to provide optimum cellulite reduction. Specialized cryogenic rollers and a vacuum help to smooth skin, allowing the machine to efficiently and safely deliver heat to the area. The optical energy and bi-polar radiofrequency work to increase lymphatic drainage, increase stored energy metabolism and help to shrink fat chambers and cells. The specialised technology ensures that the light energy is safe for individuals with any skin type while cryogenic cooling system ensures that the treatment is safe and comfortable for users.

Treatment with Laser Lipo body contouring works to gradually smooth out the skin’s surface, reduce cellulite, and reshape and shrink the problem area. Clinical studies have shown that 85% of those treated for circumferential reduction of the thighs, have had results ranging between 1-7.2 centimeters in reduction. While the study looked specifically at treatment of the thighs, the treatment has also been shown to be successful for the abdomen, upper arms, buttocks and love handles.

Benefits of Laser Lipo Treatment

The benefits of Laser Lipo treatment are numerous. Most importantly it provides a effective and safe alternative to conventional laser liposuction. Laser Lipo with Syneron technology is the only non-surgical medical solution that has been cleared for cellulite treatment and body reshaping. The treatment is also virtually painless, which means no pain relief or anesthesia concerns, nor any post-treatment recovery or downtime. Those who undergo this treatment can safely and comfortably achieve a smooth and toned contour to the treated area in as few as four treatments. Most patients report noticeable results after just one treatment. As more Laser Lipo treatments are received, there is a gradual and cumulative effect to the treatment sessions. Patients see improvement with each session describing reduced cellulite, reshaping of problem areas, a smoother skin surface, and a reduction in the overall measurements of the treated area. For many individuals, these benefits give them the confidence they need to be happier in their own skin.

What Patients Have to Say about Laser Lipo Non-Surgical Liposuction Treatment

Before you try Laser Lipo treatment with for your cellulite and body contouring concerns, you may be curious about what other patients have to say about their experience. Satisfying the question, does it work is often best done through patient accounts and laser lipo reviews. Many patients have commented on how surprised they were that the treatment was painless. Some have compared the feeling of the treatment to a warm massage, more like a spa treatment than a medical treatment to reduce cellulite. Patients have noted that they saw results after the first treatment, and even better results after the subsequent and final treatments.

How Laser Lipo compares to other treatments

There is a bewildering array of body contouring treatments available in the market today. Starting from liposuction, to the more modern non surgical liposuction methods available today including vaser liposuction, liposix, lipodissolve, mesotherapy and many others that we have plenty of experience with. Advanced Dermatology provides Laser Lipo Sydney treatment at our Bondi Junction Clinic. For further information please call us on 1300 788 800.

Get the Summer Body You've Always Wanted With Our LaserLipo Pro Offer For As Low As $150 Per Session.

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