Is CoolLipo better than Liposuction?

You’ve made the decision to invest in cosmetic fat reduction. What you might not have bargained for is the wide range of cosmetic fat reduction treatments available to you.  Two of the most popular being Liposuction and CoolLipo Sculpting. While friendly recommendations and internet reviews can only go so far, understanding the scientific difference between these 2 fat reduction techniques will likely be what you need to decide which is a perfect fit for you.

CoolLipo vs Liposuction: Will it hurt?

The primary difference between CoolLipo and Liposuction is how each technique works to remove fat cells. Which in quick succession alludes to the difference in how each technique is performed.

Take Liposuction for instance. Liposuction works by physically removing fat cells from their source. Which means the technique used to do this is invasive. Under local anaesthetic small incisions are made in the targeted area, an ultra sound probe is inserted, fat cells are liquefied and suction is then used to eliminate them.

Liposuction is an invasive surgery requiring dermatological needles and knife. It can be highly targeted due to this intervention.

However CoolLipo is different. CoolLipo works by harnessing your body’s own natural fat removal system. Which means the technique used is non-invasive. A cooling probe is applied to the targeted fat reduction area, the temperature is cooled to a degree which is able to kill fat cells but leave surrounding skin cells un-harmed and the body will then over a period of 15 days to 12 weeks eliminate targeted fat cells naturally.

CoolLipo Fat Freezing is a non-invasive technique requiring no needles or scalpel. It is less targeted than Liposuction.

CoolLipo vs Liposuction: Recovery time

Perhaps one of the most significant differences between CoolLipo and Liposuction is the downtime you’ll experience.

As Liposuction requires surgery, recovery time vs. CoolLipo is longer. Should you opt for Liposuction fat removal you should expect to experience moderate to minimal discomfort for 2 to 5 days after treatment. You may also be required to wear compression clothing for 3 to 6 weeks after.

Alternatively if downtime or the worry of discomfort is not something you see as manageable, a CoolSculpting procedure can have you back at work the same day.

CoolLipo vs Liposuction: Before and After

Liposuction is in some communities seen as the gold standard treatment for fat removal before and after results. Liposuction can be highly targeted to specifically remove troublesome areas of fat. The procedure is also extremely effective resulting in an 80-100% average reduction of body. 1 procedure is all that’s needed for instant fat reduction.

On the other hand, CoolLipo results are gradual and buildable requiring more than 1 treatment for best effects. On average a CoolLipo procedure plan will reduce body fat by 25%.

In need of further advice to decide whether CoolLipo or Liposuction is the best fat reduction procedure for you? Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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