How To Get Rid Of Pimples

Advanced Dermatology’s Guide on How to Get Rid of Pimples

Many individuals are looking for the perfect method on how to get rid of pimples. Pimples are inflamed spots on the skin that are hard. They are small lesions that are also known as zits. Pimples occur when the sebaceous glands, otherwise known as oil glands, become overactive. Sebaceous glands are small glands that secrete sebum, or oil. They are needed on the body to lubricate the skin and hair of humans. As dead skin cells are shed, some are left behind on the skin. This will cause a blockage in the pores, in which case a pimple will be formed. Places that pimples are likely to occur include the face, chest, shoulders and back.

Pimples are caused by heredity, oil based makeups, some types of medications, starting or stopping oral birth control, hormone changes in the body during pregnancy, and during puberty. Nearly 80% of teenagers will get pimples at some point, with 30% needing treatment because it is so severe. Pimples effect people of all ages, race, and gender.

There are many different types of pimples. These include whiteheads (pimples that stay under the surface of the skin), blackheads ( pimples that look black and rise to the surface of the skin), nodules (solid pimples that are painful, large and deep in the skin), cysts( pimples that are pus filled, and lead to scarring of the skin), pustules (pimples that have pus on the top and are red on the bottom), and papules (pimples that are small and tender).

What are some methods on how to get rid of pimples?

There are many different methods for treating the skin when one decides on how to get rid of pimples. One tried and true method is using ELOS Acne Clearing technology. ELOS Acne Clearing technology is a safe and effective treatment that can be used on all skin types. ELOS Acne Clearing combines bi-polar radio frequencies with optical energies. Using these two energies combined together promotes safety using this technology. Using the dual heating energies will allow the epidermis to be protected while raising target temperature. The two energies will penetrate into the skin to destroy acne causing bacteria while slowing down the sebaceous glands. The ELOS Acne Clearing treatment will help to heal existing pimples as well as reduce the active acne on the face. Most patients report ELOS as being comfortable with very little side effects. The treatment requires no downtime, and one can return to regular activities right after the treatment is completed.

ELOS Acne Clearing will be performed in an office setting. The skin will first be cleansed, then a small amount of water will be used to cover the skin. A pulse of light will be given on the skin with the device, and a small heating sensation will be felt that is tolerated well by most. The treatment will take about half an hour, but will depend completely on the size of the area being treated. Three to five ELOS Acne Clearing treatments are needed to effectively see desired results. The treatments will be performed every 4 to 6 weeks.

Another method on how to get rid of pimples is to use a quality skin care line. One to try is Advanced Dermatology Without Surgery skin care. This skincare is loved by many and provides quality care to the skin all while being invasive. Without Surgery is effective in destroying acne on the face, all while being gentle. Sebum production will be halted when applied to the skin, all while helping unplug pores that have become congested. The formula was created by scientist and contains the highest strength of acne formulas that are available. In fact, it is so high in strength that it boasts a 79%+ unprecedented concentration of clinical actives. This is an extremely high number, as most cosmetics only contain 10 to 20% clinical actives. This formula was created to work 3 times faster than the best acne medications on the market today. Results can be seen immediately and will continue to work while fighting all 8 types of acne. Without surgery was created with the highest standards, using ingredients that are comparable to those a physician would dispense. The hypoallergenic, dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested skin care product is non-comedienne.

Is there anything that can make my pimples worse?

When finding a method on how to get rid of pimples, it is very important that one notes if anything can make pimples worse. Never scrub the face too hard, as this can cause pimples to break out. One should also never squeeze or pick at a pimple. High humidity and pollution can make acne worse, as can tight clothing, helmets, and collars. Many times a female will notice that pimples start to form 2 to 7 days before the menstrual cycle begins.

Is there anything else an individual can do when looking for ways on how to get rid of pimples?

There are many tips that one can remember when looking for ways on how to get rid of pimples. Always clean the skin in a gentle manner. It is best to use a mild cleanser once in the morning, again in the evening, and after any workout. Use a gentle circular motion as scrubbing the skin too hard will only make it break out worse. Keep the hands away from the face, and refrain from touching it. Dirt and oils that are on the hands will only clog up the pores that are located on the face, leaving room for new pimples to form. Wash the hands often, especially before touching the face. Keep the hair clean and off the face and shampoo it on a regular basis. Hair that is too oily or greasy will also clog up the pores on the face.

Look for makeups that are oil free. Apply only makeup that is noncomedogenic. This means that it will not clog the pores. Avoid stress in the life if at all possible. Many do not realize that when looking at how to get rid of pimples, stress can play a huge role. Look for ways to relax, such as yoga or meditation.

When shaving, it is best to look for a razor that is best suited for the skin an individual has. Be gentle when shaving as to not open up any existing pimples on the skin.

When looking into how to get rid of pimples, an individual should also take diet and exercise into consideration. Getting daily physical exercise is not only great for the body, but will clear the mind so stress is not such a factor. It will also help to keep the skin healthy. Watching what an individual eats may also have an effect on pimples. Foods that are high on the glycemic index and those with dairy products are often linked to pimples forming on the skin.

Acne is a very common skin condition that is seen by many individuals that want to know how to get rid of pimples. Individuals that have pimples often have low self esteem, feel depressed about the way pimples may make them feel, and are frustrated when acne treatments do not work. It is best to talk to a dermatologist and find a method to rid the skin of the pimples.

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  1. Great info
    Great info says:

    I am glad that I read this. I do have low self esteem because I have yet to find out how to get rid of pimples. I get frustrated when what works for my friends does not work for me. I guess maybe it is time that I try a professional treatment. Both the ones here sound good to me, it will just be a matter of talking to my dermatologist to see what he recommends.

  2. Elsa
    Elsa says:

    Years ago I suffered from acne. I wish that I would have known that Elos and Without Surgery are two effective ways on how to get rid of pimples. I suffered through it. I started to break out when I was 13. And the pimples just kept coming until I was about 19. My teenage years were very rough. I used all sorts of products on my face, and honestly thought that washing four or five times a day was good for the skin. Oh, how you learn a lot when you grow up! Finally at the age of 19 my pimples slowly started to diminish. However, I do wish that someone would have given me a product like Without Surgery. It sounds like it really cleans out the pores and gets deep into the skin to help prevent pimples. I know that if I ever have another round with the pimples, I will be sure to ask my dermatologist for some of this.

  3. Summer
    Summer says:

    For years, my back has broken out. I can not wear swim suits in the summer because I am so embarrassed by how my back looks. The pimples even hurt when I wear certain items of clothing. I feel that it is about time for a change. I am totally disguised by how my back looks so I can only imagine what others feel like when they see it. I am interested in doing the Elos treatments, as I am not able to reach my back to apply any lotions or creams, and I know that others do not want to be touching my pimply back anyways. I have never heard of Elos before but I am willing to give it a shot. Can anyone tell me an average price to have my back done? The acne on my back covers an area that is about 6 inches by 8 inches.

  4. Ferry
    Ferry says:

    Very nice article on how to get rid of pimples. I needed this. I have had pimples for about 7 months now and am at a loss for how to treat them. I guess that I am not always the most gentle with my skin. I just found out that rubbing alcohol should not be used on my acne, and I do think that using it several times a day has only made my pimples worse. I would prefer to go to the dermatologist and have them give me a product like the Without Surgery. I would be faithful in using it everyday. I wonder is this just a once a day application or if it can be applied twice daily to have even greater results?

  5. Elos!!
    Elos!! says:

    Pimples are a thing of the past for me. I have tried Elos and I loved the results. I did 6 treatments that were spaced out 6 weeks apart. My skin looked awful before Elos, and I have photos to prove it. Now my skin is clearer, brighter and just looks healthier. Elos did not hurt at all, and the treatment took me about 25 minutes. I loved the no downtime part. Plus my doctor told me with Elos that side effects were very rare, so that highly made me want the procedure done. The sun should be avoided after the treatment, and chemical irritants need to be avoided 2 days before and 2 days after the procedure. I also wanted to throw in there that my doctor told me that if you are pregnant you can not have Elos done, and also if you have a pacemaker. Also if one has sores, this will delay the Elos treatment being done on the skin.

  6. Grace C
    Grace C says:

    Elos is an amazing treatment to have done for acne and pimples. If you are searching for a way on how to get rid of pimples, then look no further. I have had 5 treatments done and my face has cleared up so much. The treatment was so safe and I felt that it was rather gentle as well. I did not have to use any numbing cream and the procedure allowed me to attend my daughters recital the night that I had the procedure done. It honestly did not hurt at all. Felt like my skin was being snapped with a rubber band. I encourage anyone that has pimples to look into Elos. It can make the skin look and feel like a million bucks again!

  7. Oh em!
    Oh em! says:

    I have used the Without Surgery line and I love it. I am a faithful user of it now. I had once suffered with tons of acne and looked for many methods on how to get rid of pimples. I tried all the cleansers and toners on the market. I tried astringents. All sorts of home remedies like aloe Vera, vinegar toner, egg masks. Nothing worked. My pimples were staying with me. Then I went to the Advanced Dermatology clinic and I was recommended to use the Without Surgery product. Oh my goodness is all I can say! The product felt amazing on my skin and I could see a change the first time that I used it. I highly recommend it. It is made with some very high quality ingredients that you can feel. My skin took to it quickly and since then it just has not been the same. My pores are now cleaner and they are not getting clogged like they once were. I am so happy right now as this is the best that my face has ever looked.

  8. Diet and exercise!
    Diet and exercise! says:

    Great tips on how to get rid of pimples. I can say that diet and exercise really do play a part in acne and pimple formation. I used to get pimples all the time, and then I stopped dairy. Little by little my face started to improve. I also started going on daily walks, and the circulation has been wonderful for my skin. I still have some skin issues to sort out, but my acne looks nothing like it once did.

  9. Trish
    Trish says:

    I suffered from pimples when I was a teenager. It was awful. I got them all over my face. I searched and searched for how to get rid of pimples. It took some trial and error for me. I used a special cleanser that my dermatologist gave me, kept my hands away from my face, and watched the cosmetics that I put on my face. I think that what helped me the most was the special cleanser. It sounds sort of like the Without surgery line talked about above. I do feel that products that you can get from dermatologists really do work better than the ones that an individual can buy at the store.


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