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Gummy Smile Treatment

A gummy smile appears on an individual when a person smiles and a large portion of the gums can be seen. An ideal smile will only have 2 millimeters of gum showing with the upper lip sitting just above the top teeth. Individuals that have 3 to 4 millimeters showing appear to have a gummy smile. There are seven main causes of having a gummy smile. However, those with a gummy smile should not fret as there is an easy and effective way to fix this mishap.

What are the causes of a gummy smile?

As stated above, there are seven main causes of having a gummy smile. Those include:

  • A hypermobile lip- A hypermobile lip can cause a gummy smile when the lip moves around too much.
  • A short upper lip- A short upper lip will not cover the upper teeth and the gingiva.
  • Vertical maxillary excess VME- This happens when there is an overgrowth of maxilla and a short ramus.
  • Wear and compensatory eruption
  • An excessive overbite (anterior over-eruption)
  • Altered passive eruption- This will happen as the person matures and the gingiva does not recede.
  • Altered active eruption- This happens when the teeth do not make it out of the bone.

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How can an individual fix a gummy smile?

A procedure that can fix a gummy smile uses a muscle relaxer that will reduce the elevation of the upper lip. It is a simple injection that can be done within a matter of minutes, usually ten at the most. After the injection, the gums will not be exposed as much when an individual smiles and the natural facial expressions will stay the same. The treatment will last 3 to 4 months, with results being seen in as little as 2 weeks. Some patients have seen the results last as long as 6 months. After 3 to 4 months, the treatment can be repeated once the effects of the muscle relaxant wears off.

How is the treatment performed? Is the treatment safe?

The upper lip will be injected with a muscle relaxer. This will elevate the upper lip. The amount of the injection will depend on how strong the muscle in the upper lip is. Generally 10 units of muscle relaxants are used. The procedure is very safe when done by a cosmetic practitioner that has experience in this. Only a person that has been specially trained in giving these types of injections should inject a patient as there are many nerves around and in the mouth. These types of injections have been used for 20 years without any reports of issues.

Will muscle relaxers injected into the skin hurt when fixing a gummy smile?

The treatment will mildly sting. The upper lip will be left with a small mosquito looking bite, but this will only last for a brief period. Ice can be applied to minimise bruising and to help relieve any pain.

Are there any side effects to having a gummy smile fixed with muscle relaxers?

Minor redness or swelling may take place after the upper lip is injected to fix a gummy smile. The small mosquito like marks will only last a matter of minutes. Any redness or swelling can easily be concealed with makeup. Do note that if too much muscle relaxant is used, the upper lip can appear to be flat.

How does an individual know if they are a good candidate for muscle relaxers if they suffer from a gummy smile?

Good candidates for having muscle relaxers injected into the upper lip for a gummy smile are those that want a quick solution. Those that are self conscious about showing too much gum are excellent candidates.

4 replies
  1. no teeth smile
    no teeth smile says:

    I tend to not smile much anymore. Why…because I have a gummy smile. I hate the way that it looks on me, and I do not want others to judge me. So my answer has been simple, just stop smiling. But then people continue to judge me saying that I am a negative person because I don’t smile or that I must be really unhappy. Really the only thing that I am unhappy with is the fact that I have so much gum in my smile. I am intrigued on using muscle relaxants to fix this. I never knew that this was an option for me as I never really discussed it with anyone. So glad that I found this article because I am going to ask around and find out where I can get this procedure done at!

  2. Jolene
    Jolene says:

    I have had a gummy smile all my life. I hate it. I have been teased about it quite a bit and I feel that guys just do not have the time of day for me. I feel that I am a pretty girl but with too much mouth showing. I long to get something done about it but can not afford a surgery for it and just do not feel that I would be able to go through with that. I have never heard about using muscle relaxants to help with a gummy smile. I never knew that this would correct the issue at hand. I am going to look into this more, because I easily get depressed when I look in the mirror and see my mouth.

  3. works!!
    works!! says:

    All of you that suffer from a gummy smile, look no further. I can say that I have had this procedure done and it works! It truly works. I was skeptical at first, and when I did not see any results in the first week, I was highly disappointed. I thought that I had tossed my money away. However, the second week came around, and guess what? My upper lip started to cover my gummy smile. My results have lasted me 5 months, and then I went back for another injection. The injections are simple to do. My injection only lasted about 5 minutes each time. Perfect for those that are pressed for time. I highly suggest that you see your doctor about this form of treatment if you suffer from too much gum exposed. It worked for me and I know that it can work for you. I smile so much more now that I have had this done and I do plan on making it part of my routine, to keep my smile from not being so gummy!

  4. gummy gurl
    gummy gurl says:

    I suffer from a gummy smile. I am very self conscious about it, which makes me not want to smile. I just do not feel very pretty with it, but have never wanted to go through with surgeries to correct this. I really do feel that I could use a muscle relaxer to have my upper lip relaxed a bit. I am fine with the results only lasting 3 to 4 months, I would gladly go back 3 or 4 times a year to have this procedure done. I have never had any issues with needles, so this procedure would be a good one for me. I do feel that I would be a successful candidate for having my gummy smile fixed with a muscle relaxer.


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