Guide to Fat Freezing Treatments

Shape and Sculpt with Fat Freezing

If you are struggling with body fat or just need help getting rid of those few stubborn areas of fat, consider having a cryolipolysis (fat freezing) treatment to help sculpt your body. Fat freezing has quickly become a top treatment for permanent fat reduction, with many options available. Over the past few years, the technology being used has become more advanced, cutting down session times and the expense. This means newer options are surpassing the likes of CoolSculpting in what they have to offer. 

What is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing or cryogenic lipolysis is a non-surgical treatment that is an alternative to having liposuction. The process involves freezing fat cells as a means to reduce them. Cryogenic studies know that fat cells freeze a lot faster than skin cells do. The temperature used in fat freezing cool to a degree that allows fat cells to be killed without harming the surrounding skin cells.

The procedure can be done on many areas of the body where fat has become hard to shift, even through diet and exercise, such as the thighs, chin, stomach, back, and arms. The fat cells that are frozen will die off and fat freezing utilises the body’s own natural fat removal system. The results are a more sculpted-looking body with no scarring and no downtime

CoolSculpting Alternatives 

CoolSculpting is a name many know in the fat freezing industry. However, newer technologies in the industry are seeing names such as Clatuu, Cool Tech, and CoolLipo providing some alternatives to CoolSculpting that are more efficient and cost-effective. In all instances, the procedure is non-invasive, requires no surgery, and no downtime. The results achieved are long-lasting so that stubborn fat will be gone for good. The difference is in the applicators used for each one.

CoolLipo, Clatuu, and CoolTech

You may think that all fat freezing treatments are created equally. While all will get the results you are after eventually, new technologies in cryolipolysis make treatment times faster. Replacing CoolSculpting are newer devices, such as Clatuu, CoolTech, and CoolLipo. Where CoolSculpting uses one applicator device the others use 2 applicators. When you consider that CoolSculpting sessions can often take up to 3 hours, this can be very time consuming if you have a couple of areas to be treated. These newer devices, however, halve that time and save you money.

Clatuu, CoolTech, and CoolLipo all use 2 applicators at a time, which means two areas can be treated at the same time. With for example, Clatuu, they use a 360 cooling technology however the downside is that Clatuu isn’t able to treat that problematic chin area and possibly some other body areas. CoolTech and CoolLipo both are able to treat the chin area and have a variety of applicator shapes that can fit any area of the body. 

The winner: CoolLipo Sculpting

CoolLipo comes out as the best fat freezing option with its next-generation devices. CoolLipo is the most effective ‘Medical Grade’ Cryolipolysis system available in Australia, it is also one of the safest! With more than 500 installations in Europe, CoolLipo is the reference in medical cryolipolysis devices and it’s now available in Australia.

CoolLipo, in comparison to other fat freezing treatments, not only uses 2 handpieces that allow for two areas to be treated at once, the applicator cups are better and produce more precise and even temperature control.

The cup-shaped applicator devices pull the fatty area into it and freezes it, and then allows it to cool at very specific temperatures. This effectively kills off the fat cells. The cups are also much deeper for more specific targetting and come in a range of sizes. Compared to the older generation of fat freezing treatments, CoolLipo is able to reach colder temperatures with its medical grade cryolipolysis system. We found this to be the most efficient and effective fat freezing treatment in today’s market and it is fast becoming the top go-to for permanent fat reduction.

Fat freezing is a great alternative for those who are unable to have surgery. While the results can take a bit longer to see, as opposed to traditional liposuction, many areas will see a 20 to30% reduction of fat after their first treatment, and continued results over time. With treatments like CoolLipo on the market, getting rid of unwanted pockets of fat is becoming easier, less costly, and is much safer than surgery and other invasive treatments. 

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