Acne Scarring

The Best Treatments For Acne Scarring

We know that the pain of acne scarring is just not physical. The emotional pain that can last a lifetime and interfere with a person’s romantic life and career as well as produce untold hours of self-doubt and frustration is the reason we have selected the best treatments for acne scarring that are available today.

We want to present an overview of the different types of acne scarring and the procedures that we use to remove acne scars from your face and body and more importantly from your life.


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Types of Acne Scarring

Acne scars can come in different shapes, sizes and colors. In non-medical terms, acne scarring is separated into scarring that occurs beneath the skin layer, scarring that is raised above the skin, and scarring that produces permanent discoloration of some of the skin or in some cases most of the face.

Each type of acne scarring has a different origin that requires a different method of treatment to produce permanent and lasting results.

Please, for your own mental well-being, do not expect to see miracles. You will not see overnight removal of the scars that have caused you pain. Over time the scars will disappear with treatment. We can guarantee you that.

Pitted acne scars are the most common type of scarring and are caused by inflammation that can accompany acne. The pits that you see on your face and skin can be classified into ice pick scars, boxcar scars and rolling scars.

Ice pick scars are deep narrow scars that look like a huge pore that never closed. The scars look like someone hit you several times with an ice pick. The scar tissue at the very bottom of the pore has become anchored to a collagen base. This type of scarring is the most difficult to remove because of the depth of the scars.

Boxcar scars are usually seen in relatively small patches. The scars are not extremely deep but produce a boxy looking surface to the skin. The well-defined edges of boxcar acne scarring make this type of scarring difficult to remove.

Rolling scars have round sloped borders. This type of acne scarring is most often seen in people that had repeated outbreaks of inflammatory acne in the same region of the face or skin. The large area that this type of acne scarring can cover produces the challenge in removing the scars.

Acne scarring that occurs above the layer of the skin is produced by the same process as the formation of other scar tissue. This type of acne scarring is the least common but is also the most problematic to treat. Long-term inflammatory acne and other infections in the area affected by acne produce this type of scarring.

Permanent discoloration of the face and skin can result from acne. There are no scars involved but the effect on a person’s appearance is the same.

People can have what appears to be a proliferation of freckles that are in reality the result of the overproduction of a skin pigment called melanin. Acne can produce a depletion of melanin that produces patches of skin that look lighter than the rest of the face.

Permanent redness can result from acne. The small blood vessels in the skin become damaged or permanently dilated by acne and produce a red color in one or more areas of the face. In severe cases you can see the blood vessel just beneath the skin.

Our Treatments

We provide fractional laser treatment, dermal fillers, and skin needling treatments for the treatment of all acne scarring conditions and the conditions that are related to acne. Our research has shown that these methods are the most effective, cause the least discomfort, and heal fastest.

Fractional laser treatments are non-invasive. You can envision the process by thinking about repixelating a photograph. The laser beam is divided into tiny units that rearrange the structure of the upper layer of the skin and the middle layer. The treatment removes unneeded pigment cells and allows natural collagen to move back into the areas of the skin that are scarred.

Fractional laser treatment is used in treating the discoloration caused by acne and as a part of the treatment that removes scars above the skin and beneath the skin.

Skin needling is one of the processes that help with raised acne scarring and pitted acne scarring. A small roller with 200 tiny needles selected for the size and extent of the acne scarring is rolled gently across the area of the skin affected by acne scarring. The procedure promotes the reactivation of the natural collagen in the skin and also helps to remove the majority of the damaged tissue in raised acne scarring. You will have to wait a few days to see the results but they are worth the wait.

Dermal fillers is the technique that we feel works best for pitted acne scarring. The chemicals that we use have been proven to be safe and successful in countless laboratory studies before we use them. The procedure involves the injection of a small amount of dermal filler into the areas of your skin that have acne scarring. The advantage of this technique is that the results are almost immediate.

Our objective is to provide you with a simple and easy to understand outline of the types of acne scarring and other skin problems that are caused by acne and an explanation of the choices for treatment that we have selected. We want you to be informed and knowledgeable about our treatments so that you can work with us to remove the acne scarring that has troubled you for years and begin a new and better life that being free from acne scarring can give you.


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6 replies
  1. Shane C.
    Shane C. says:

    First time I got any treatment done, I went into the doctor’s office and asked how he is going to clear acne scars? I was so blunt, without any previous knowledge about it, so now, I kind of look back and laugh at myself. I was twenty years old, so I just thought about my looks and nothing else. I wanted to get these scars removed and fast. I didn’t know that it takes a lot of time to heal acne scars no matter what kind of a treatment you get.
    Thankfully, I stumbled upon a doctor that had a lot of patience with me and explained the entire thing for me, from what kind of acne scars I had to what needs to be done. And he really was the best. I am so thankful that at that age, when all I thought about were superficial things, I had a specialist who took care of me in the best way. I never wrote any reviews on anything, so I’m not going to write any know, all I wanted to share is… basically, the best thing for acne scars is finding someone who is well educated and caring to devote himself to the individual case. Now I’m 26 and a content woman who can only thank her doctor for her beauty.

  2. Jordie
    Jordie says:

    My acne story isn’t that complicated. I never had any acne on my face, even during my teenage years. Now I am 26 and all of these pimples started showing up on my cheeks. Nowhere else, just there. And it’s not a lot, to tell you the truth, but the one’s that the come up are terrible. They are deep under the skin and get inflamed so much that sometimes the area of skin around the pimple cracks. Do you understand what I’m saying? So, I had my firs treatment today, and since the specialist said that the type of scars I have are rolling scars, he decided to do a laser treatment, because it’s the best acne therapy for me. After the second treatment, I saw a great treatment, but the acne are still popping up. So be aware, this is nothing something that will necessarily prevent your acne from popping up again. Clearing acne scars is one thing, but preventing the cause of acne is even a more difficult process

  3. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I hate the redness on my skin that I have because of acne. I’ve done my own pimple treatment at home. Natural cures for acne are really the best. The ointment I’ve made for all my scars consist of olive oil and some kind of a flower my mother finds behind in the garden. I’m going to have to check out what it really is. It’s orange and it’s supposedly considered a weed. I don’t know, but anyways, I’ve been putting it on my face religiously. Two times a day, sometimes even more. I can really see a difference. It’s been three months, and I can see improvements in the skin. The redness has diminished a bit, and the acne that pop up are gone fast. I would recommend this best home acne scar treatment to anyone. Do a bit of research and see what options there are. No matter what kind of scars you have, the natural way is the best way, trust me!

  4. Ninja
    Ninja says:

    Hi there everyone. I wanted to see if anyone had an opinion on my case. I have a different skin tone; it’s more like olive colored. I have Indian genes. I have some ice pick scars, which irritate me all the time, so I thought about fixing acne scars. It was my goal and mission. I read about it a lot and went to a specialist who advised me to get a laser treatment as one of the ways to get rid of acne scars. I said yes, and the acne scar reduction didn’t work at all because I have a different skin tone, so the laser left some damage. What should I do know? Should I do it again? What can I do?

  5. Anne
    Anne says:

    At first, I didn’t care much about the acne scars. There was some redness in the area where my big pimples used to be, and also some purple dots. I didn’t notice it but everyone else seemed to. So I did a bit of research and by comparing the type of acne scars I have I tried to find a solution for me. I did it all on my own, no help of a doctor. I just went into a clinic and demanded the treatment I wanted which was a fraxel laser. I didn’t make a mistake, and I am super happy with the results after only three treatments. What I wanted to say is, I guess everyone needs to figure out first is a cure for acne scars they have. And if you are wondering how to clear up acne scars, just go through a bunch of books and research, and read lots of reviews. That helps a lot in making a smart decision. Doctors are doctors, and in my opinion they all do the same job. But I think a lot of it is up to you.

  6. 911!
    911! says:

    Over the past couple of years, I’ve had several treatments done. And Lord help me if I see any improvements. Actually, I do see it for a while and then the acne come back again. I visited a dermatologist for acne and he said that I had all kinds of acne that keep inflaming all the time because of my hormones. I am on the pill, so I can’t change that, but I kept changing around the pills. Nothing really worked, because the acne are always there. What is the best acne treatment I can get? I’m not really even thinking about scars yet, because I can’t get rid of these acne! Years of struggling and trying out different things have left me in despair! I am not impressed at all!


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