Dark Circles

Dark Circles Under Eyes Cause

Dark circles under the eyes appear for many different reasons.  For some, it is due to lack  of sleep.  For others, the dark circles are caused by shadows that are cast off the puffy eyelids or the hollows under the eyes.  As we age, the skin under the eyes will also get thinner, which can cause the blood vessels to become more noticeable.

Others will experience dark circles under the eyes due to hay-fever and allergies.  This is due to people rubbing their eyes when pet dander, pollen, dust, and other airborne substances are in the air. Some may also notice that food allergies can contribute to dark circles under the eyes.

Many do not realise that dark circles under the eyes run in families.  Those with fair skin or deep set eyes are often the ones that have the worst dark circles.  Other causes for dark circles under the eyes include dehydration of the skin, iron deficiencies, and fluid retention.  Fluid retention could be a result of too much salt in the diet, medical conditions such as heart or kidney disease, and smoking.

Many times a simple test can be used to see if we have inherited the dark circles under our eyes.  Pull the skin sideways and if the darkness turns blotchy, this could be due to excessive pigmentation in that area. The dark color that is shown on the skin is a result of loss of volume in the area around the eyes. The orbital bone is then exposed which creates a hollow trough that appears as a dark circle. One can use makeup as a cover-up to hide the dark circles.  Pick a concealer that matches the skin tone.  For light coverage, pick a liquid formula.  For heavier coverage, you can opt for a cream or cake concealer.

Dark Circles Under Eyes Treatment and Prevention

To improve dark circles under the eyes or to prevent them, one can use cold compresses.  Lay a cold compress on the eyes for several minutes.  Or you could also try a bag of frozen peas or other vegetables, or use two spoons that have been chilled.  Often times a cold washcloth will help as well. This will help to reduce dilated and discolored under eye blood vessels. Cucumber slices can also be used to soothe the area, as can tea bags.  Tea bags must contain tannin, as this is the active ingredient.

Another tactic that can be used is using extra pillows at night.  This will elevate the head, which will prevent more puffiness from forming.   Getting a few extra hours of sleep could also help with under eye circles.  While this will not cure them, the sleep will make the rest of the skin not as pale so dark circles are not as noticeable.

Other things that can be done to prevent under eye dark circles from forming are not to smoke.  Smoking will weaken the collagen layer and cause premature sagging of the skin and wrinkles.  Apply sunscreen daily to block out the UV rays, and be religious about applying an eye cream to give the area some hydration.  Ask your dermatologist about a prescription retinic acid .  This will prevent wrinkles from forming on the skin and will also improve existing lines.

Getting adequate water intake daily will improve one’s chances for finding yourself with dark circles under the eyes.  Watch salt intake in the diet, and consider taking a vitamin C supplement as Vitamin C will help to strengthen the blood vessel walls.  Applying vitamin K cream to the skin could help with bruising of the skin, although full benefits have not been studied.

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