Clear and Brilliant Laser

Clear and Brilliant Laser

The Clear and Brilliant lasers are manufactured by Solta Medical, an aesthetics devices company headquartered in Hayward, California. Solta Medical have been making laser skin care technologies for over a decade, and have developed other treatments like Thermage, Fraxel and Liposonics. Clear & Brilliant is one of the company’s skin revitalising treatments, and was designed for routine skin maintenance rather than an intensive treatment.


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Solta Medical suggests that the treatments with this laser can complement a regular skin care routine, the way a facial or a clay mask would. However, in early 2014, the company was acquired by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, and although Solta Medical devices may be integrated into the overall Valeant product offering, it remains to be seen how the Clear and Brilliant line will be affected by this change.

Technology behind Clear & Brilliant Laser

The idea behind the Clear and Brilliant laser is very similar to other laser treatments available on the market, with Photothermolysis being it’s principle method of action. The device amplifies light energy and shoots it into the skin. This energy can either vaporise cells completely, as is the case with an ablative laser, or can cause slight damage to the dermis layer, thus stimulating the body’s healing response and speeding up the regenerative process. To differentiate the Clear & Brilliant treatment from other devices, Solta Medical states that this laser is softer, and even suggests that laser treatments with this device can be part or a regular skin care routine. However, because of the potentially dangerous technology behind it, this device is not available for consumer purchase, and can only be administered by a licensed physician. Unlike most other treatments, the Clear and Brilliant laser is not marketed as a solution to get rid of acne, reduce appearance of wrinkles, or remove scars. Instead, the procedures are suggested as a preventative measure to allow the skin to rejuvenate more quickly, thus slowing the development of aging skin. However, because the technology in its current form is relatively new, it remains to be seen whether Clear and Brilliant results are worthwhile in the long term.

During the Procedure

Solta Medical suggests that the design of Clear and Brilliant allows it to be used virtually painlessly, without the need for significant recovery time. The laser energy in this model is believed to be weak enough to avoid serious damage due to cell ablation, and instead aims to resurface skin gradually. When you come in for your Clear and Brilliant treatment, your physician may place a topical numbing treatment on your skin to reduce discomfort, and place an eye guard over your eyes. The physician will then move the handheld tool along the surface of your skin, delivering powerful bursts of energy throughout the process. The treatment takes approximately 30 minutes from start to finish, and the patient is usually able to return to work right away. A special serum will be applied by your physician right after the Clear and Brilliant treatment to help the skin recover faster and protect it from UV radiation. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight right after treatment, as your skin will be in a weakened state and will not be able to use its natural defenses effectively. The Clear and Brilliant results will not become apparent after treatment, as it will take several days for the damaged layer of skin to be replaced by fresh, healthy skin. In order to see more visible results, Solta Medical suggests the need for 4-6 treatments, and the procedure will need to be repeated once every few months to maintain the effect.

Side Effects of Clear and Brilliant

Although the Solta Medical website suggests that this laser treatment is safe, there is a chance of burning and itching for several days after treatment. Clear and Brilliant is also counter indicated for anyone with rosacea, eczema, lupus, and a variety of other conditions that your physician will assess before treatment.


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7 replies
  1. Peta
    Peta says:

    I’ve read a lot about this Solta Medical company, they seem to be top notch in the beauty industry, or at least I read so. The clear and brilliant laser seems like a great way to take care of your skin that will benefit you in the long run. We all use creams and stuff but the professionalists can do a better job than us for sure. The clear and brilliant results are yet to be seen. Like with any other new technology, you never know how it’s going to work. Especially if there are not many reviews by other people, which I actually haven’t found a lot. Guessing it’s because it’s not really that common, since there are more famous laser techniques that rejuvenate your skin, like the fraxel laser I think. If anyone had a treatment with the clear and brilliant, let us know what you think!

  2. my clear and brilliant laser treatment review
    my clear and brilliant laser treatment review says:

    My comment is going to be based on my own, personal experience with the clear and brilliant laser. I didn’t base my decision on the clear and briliant lasert treatment reviews, oh Gosh no… Who knows what kind of people post those, or what they suffer from? You can never tell for sure. I read just the basics, like in this article, which does help a lot. But once I went to a clinic, the specialist there really gave the important information. He took a look at my skin, we talked about what I had done on my face and why, and I had previous experience with surgery, that’s all I’m going to say. He was very gentle in saying that this laser is not going to really show dramatic results, but just serve as an additional treatment to heal my skin and make it more fresh… Being aware of that, I decided to do it. This is my third treatment, and I like it. The clear and brilliant laser treatment cost is worth it if you ask me, firstly because it’s not really that expensive. It’s quite affordable. And secondly, you are in and out of there in half an hour with skin that is going younger…

  3. Mellisa Abboud
    Mellisa Abboud says:

    I don’t really see much of a difference between all these lasers. The main difference may be in the tool they are using and the company that makes it. Well, I guess it means a lot if it’s made by Solta Medical or by some B list company. Not really sure, but what is the clear and brilliant laser cost? I’d really like to compare the price to other laser treatments, or to light treatments. Since the clear and brilliant results don’t show much expect slowing down aging, maybe I can opt for some other treatments, which actually give effective results. This seems like a cream in a tool to me. Especially if you need 4 to 6 sessions to see anything. Depends on the cost tho… Doesn’t seem to be worth the money!

  4. Karen
    Karen says:

    I am 35 years old. I come from Sydney, and I never had any surgery or any kind of treatment done. Maybe that’s old fashioned, but I don’t really care. I wondered into a beauty clinic by accident, with a friend of mine, who was scared to go alone. She heard about the laser clear and brilliant, and wanted to try it, because she is all about the beauty. I saw her face two, three treatments after and I still didn’t see much of a difference. The clear and brilliant laser treatment probably does something, but I don’t think you’re going to see the results soon. Or maybe it’s not for her. But she is also in her thirties, so I’m guessing it should at least be worth the money.

  5. Hulla
    Hulla says:

    Cool review of the new technique. I’ve never even heard of it before, but the article seems pretty fair to me. Shows both pros and cons, and let’s you in on the potential risks. I love it when the companies don’t sugar coat their products or treatments, but really state the facts. Just like in this clear and brilliant laser review. It’s realistic, and although I haven’t tried the clear and brilliant at all, I love that there are places like this website where you can get a clear picture of what it is all about and what you shouldn’t associate it with. I have a severe case of acne, and I know that this is not the right treatment, but if I fix that particular problem, I’m hoping to give it a try!

  6. Benny
    Benny says:

    What is a clear and brilliant laser treatment anyways? I don’t see a difference between other laser treatments for rejuvenation of the face. And others seem to claim to work better, heal acne scars, treat wrinkles. This one doesn’t do that. I’m not going to waste money on treatments that don’t do me any good. I mean, of course it is better than not taking care of your skin, but I am all about looking perfect. If it doesn’t take care of my wrinkles, than it’s useless to me. I want to get rid of those, and pronto, because they are just getting deeper and deeper, and clear and brilliant isn’t doing anything for it. Maybe they should invest in developing the clear and brilliant to be more effective.

  7. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    I have been suffering from acne scars and I decide to do three session of clear and brilliant just to realize that the facility I was going to Laseraway in pasadena has been treating me with a high frequency wand only and they never used the clear and brilliant technology which you can say they scam me for. They mention that the clear and brilliant procedures cost $400 per session Yet, they had a special for 3 session for only $350. Yup! I should have known it was a scam. I went there desperately hoping for my acne scars to clear and even tho they never used the machines for clear and brilliant I did see some change in my face with the high frequency wand. So, I then bought the wand for $85 on amazon and its been great I have seen results I am able to do it to myself. Thank to Laseraway for not being very honest with their services I was able to find a solution for my acne scars and purchase my very own wand without having to spend more money in the future.


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