Clarisonic Review

Clarisonic is a facial cleansing brush that was originally designed to remove up to six times as much debris than the traditional hand cleansing method. The facial brush was first used by professionals in treatment of the skin. Clarisonic has also developed a skin care line up that has many different products to choose from, such as cleansers for acne, clarifying cleansers, clay masks, a skin polisher, and a moisturizing cleanser. There are many different heads that can be used with the clarisonic facial brush.

According to the Clarisonic website, the Clarisonic system cleanses the face of make-up and dirt six times better than conventional methods when used two times per day. Ninety percent of patients report skin that glows and is radiant after using it, while 94% say the skin feels softer. Using the Clarisonic brush, a cleanser can be absorbed better into the skin to remove the dirt, oil and debris that has worked its way into the skin.

The Different Clarisonic Devices

There are different types of Clarisonic devices an individual may desire to have. Those include:

  • The Mia 1- This device has one speed and was designed for individuals who want radiant and clean skin. This small device was made for those that are just staring sonic cleansing.
  • The Mia 2- This device is designed for individuals that want smooth looking skin that is healthy. It has 2 speeds. A one minute pulsing time is featured to let an individual know when it is time to move to the next portion of the face.
  • The Mia 3- This device has 3 speeds and was designed for individuals that need to smooth out the skin. The Mia 3 is perfect for cleansing the face of makeup. A timer will let an individual know when it is time to move on to the next body part.
  • Plus- Designed with 4 speeds, Plus cleanses not only the face but the entire body. This device includes an adjustable timer which will sound off when it is time to move to another part of the body.
  • Smart Profile- Designed with 4 speeds, this powerful device was made to cleanse the face 11 times better then just washing with the hands. There is a head replacement indicator to help let an individual know when it is time to change heads.

Clarisonic Heads

The Clarisonic has many different heads that attach to the facial brush. Each of these heads is designed to help address the different types of skin. The brush heads should be replaced once every 90 days to see the best results. Some of the most popular Clarisonic heads include :

  • The Acne cleansing brush head- Extra plush bristles are used for this brush. It may be used with all types of the clarisonic facial cleansing devices. Perfect for individuals that have oily skin.
  • Deep Pore Brush Cleansing head- Designed for individuals with large pores, this brush is perfect for all skin types. This brush will refine the pores, while flushing out pores that are clogged. Perfect for individuals that have oily or normal skin.
  • Delicate Brush head- For use on skin that is delicate and prone to irritation or dehydration.
  • Radiance Brush head- Extra fine bristles are used to effectively cleanse the face.
  • Sensitive Brush head- Designed for gentle cleansing of the skin, this brush is perfect for combination and sensitive skin.

The Clarisonic Benefit

Using a Clarisonic device can help improve the skin quality. Acne may diminish and improvements will be seen in the skin. Mature skin can look younger, while oily skin may be reduced. Large pores can be greatly reduced in size. Individuals with uneven skin tones may seen an improvement in the tone, and dry patches of skin may be reduced.

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  1. red
    red says:

    I have used a device like this before and yes, they really and truly do work. I love the results that I have seen. My face is much cleaner, my pores are smaller and there does not seem to be quite as much oil produced on my face. These brushes really do work, and will get the skin super clean. Just make sure that you are changing out the heads as you are suppose to because a used and dull head does not work as good as a fresh new one.

  2. Chesire
    Chesire says:

    I must say that I love my Clarisonic skin brush. I have been faithfully using it for the past year twice per day. My pores are much smaller and I do feel that my face feels and looks cleaner. I have tried a variety of the brush heads as well. I have the Clarisonic Mia 3. I like that I can pick the speed that I want to go. If you are on the fence about how well one of these works, then you really should consider getting one. I love mine and will never go without it for a day.

  3. jaden
    jaden says:

    I never knew that the Clarisonic could be used on different parts of the body( some of the models I mean). I always thought that they were for the face only. I would be interested in getting one that I could use on my feet as well…they do make this right? Or was I imagining it?

  4. doll
    doll says:

    I have always been intrigued by using a device like the Clarisonic. I have huge pores and my face is pretty oily. I would love to resolve these two issues. Maybe I would have luck with a Clarisonic. I think that once I get my taxes done I will look into getting one of these. It would probably be in my best interest to do so.

  5. Jane S.
    Jane S. says:

    I would love to get a Clarisonic, however, I do not have a few hundred dollars to spend on one. I would like to know if there are other brands that are just as good but in a better price range for me? And do you need to use the cleansers that are made by Clarisonic or can you just use which ever cleanser you wish?

  6. Scarlet
    Scarlet says:

    I first tried Clarisonic about a month before my wedding. I wanted skin that glowed and was radiant. Since I had never done this type of cleansing before, I went with the Mia 1. It felt good on my face the first time that I used it. I could tell a difference the first day that I used it. My face started to glow and be radiant. I got many compliments the day of my wedding on how great I looked and I do feel that I owe it to my Mia 1. I have since stepped up to the Mia 3, and am very pleased with the results that I am having.

  7. panda
    panda says:

    My face needs some help. I just do not feel that I am getting it clean enough but yet when I double wash it, it seems that my face is getting too dried out. It is sort of a win lose situation. I would love to just cleanse once and be done with it. A Clarisonic facial brush device might be just the thing that I need to get my face into shape.


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