Busting Acne Myths


Acne Myths and Facts, a Half Dozen Truths

Acne can be a debilitating condition for many, for others a very serious cosmetic concern that can have a lot of social impact. We’ve written about Acne before, but it’s time to start busting acne myths. We’ve chosen half-a-dozen interesting ones here, but feel free to make additions in the comments section below. We’ll clear up the ones we can.

1.   MYTH- You can treat a pimple with Toothpaste. While some toothpastes do have antibacterial agents that might be of some use, all commercial toothpastes contain other elements that can irritate the skin and cause even worse breakouts.
2.   MYTH- Chocolate and soft drinks cause acne breakouts. This is one of the oldest myths around about acne but it has not been borne out by research.
3.   MYTH- Acne is a sign of dirty skin. You just need to wash more and harder. Actually over washing can cause acne to get worse. Washing twice a day with mild cleanser and warm and not hot water is the best regiment. Avoid irritating or over drying your skin.
4.   MYTH- Sunscreens cause acne breakouts. The key is using the right type of sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens use a chemical reaction to divert UV rays from the sun and can contribute to heat bumps. It is a better choice to use a physical sunscreen like Zinc oxide to avoid acne breakouts.
5.   FACT and MYTH- Makeup can cause acne outbreaks. This is in reality both a myth and a fact. Light makeup is not normally a contributing factor but heavy cream bases and cake powders can clog pores and cause acne breakouts.
6.   MYTH- Acne is just a cosmetic problem. While Acne is not considered dangerous in itself, it can have a long term effect on self-image which studies have found to be a contributing factor to other disorders and behavioural issues.
Sometimes it can be hard busting acne myths and separating them from the facts. There are some facts that cannot be escaped though they are hard to understand. Wordwide we spend more than 3 Billion Dollars a year on Acne Creams, Acne Lotions, Facial Washes and various other Acne Treatments and products. Of this, only a small percentage is spent by visiting a dermatology clinic.  The vast majority is spent on over the counter Acne Treatments. It is no wonder that people remain confused and have trouble separating what is the truth, Acne vulgaris is a medical condition that is best treated by a medical professional.

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  1. Elizabeth Adams
    Elizabeth Adams says:

    Its funny because even I though some of these acne myths were actually true. Well thank you for clearing them up for me.


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