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Best Wrinkle Cream Review

Wrinkles and wisdom are often thought to go hand in hand with each other. However, many do not feel that once they start the ageing process, this is true. A good wrinkle cream is often needed to help get rid of existing wrinkle. The best wrinkle creams are often considered the ones that will take away fine lines and wrinkles, and give us a youthful appearance. The best wrinkle cream will be one that fully moisturises the skin, keeping fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Other benefits of using the best wrinkle cream include firmer skin, a decrease in redness in the skin, more even skin, and an increase in skin elasticity, radiant skin, and less age spots.


How Are Wrinkles Formed?

In order to understand how to find the best wrinkle cream, one must understand how wrinkles are formed. Wrinkles are ridges, folds or creases that are formed in the skin. They are formed due to repeated expressions on our faces, smoking, sun damage, some medications,dehydration, and other factors. When we use the same facial expressions, such as laughing, smiling, or frowning, a groove is formed under the skin surface. As the skin ages, we loose flexibility in the skin and the skin will not bounce back like it once did when were younger. Smoking can reduce the blood supply to our skin, making wrinkles form. Exposure to the sun (UV rays) can cause individuals to get wrinkles earlier in life. Even genetics play a huge role. If your parents wrinkled early in life, there is a better chance that you will wrinkle early in life.

Two types of wrinkles can be formed on the skin. These are deep furrows and surface lines. Often times the best wrinkle cream will be used for surface lines and to prevent the wrinkles from getting any deeper, turning them into deep furrows.

What is the Difference Between Medical Grade and Normal Grade Skin Care Products?

There are many different brands of wrinkle cream on the market today and it can be confusing to know which brand to purchase. There are two different grades of skin care products- medical grade and normal grade. The best wrinkle cream that produces the best results are often medical grade. Medical grade skin care products have higher concentrations of active ingredients in them than normal grade or over the counter products. Medical grade products will show real results that are scientifically proven, where areas normal grade skin care products may not have this evidence. Medical grade skin care products will increase collagen and elastin production, which will reduce fine lines and wrinkles better. Medical grade skin care products will also decrease hyperpigmentation. More than likely, medical grade skin care products will show results that compare to cosmetic surgery results. An example of medical grade skin care products would be Advanced Dermatology’s skincare line. This skincare line, which is named the 90 Day Anti-Aging Regime, has 44 powerful ingredients in the five products. Over 80% active ingredients are used in this line to help even the worst case of wrinkles, where areas some wrinkle creams only have 3-5% active ingredients. Out of the five products, there are three wrinkle creams/treatments. The Complete Age Defense Day Cream was designed to combat ageing and sun damaged skin. The skin will be hydrated, balanced and refined as it protects against UV damage, oxidation and glycation. Active ingredients prevent moisture loss, keeping the skin nourished without a heavy feeling. The Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment boosts cell renewal and will decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Made with three essential peptides, skin will be smoother and younger looking with each application. The Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream firms the skin while repairing and building collagen, elastin, and essential proteins in the skin. This wrinkle cream was designed to make the skin look lifted and radiant.

What Ingredients Should An Individual Look For In the Best Wrinkle Cream?

Let’s face it, not all products are created equally, and this is especially true for skin care products. The best wrinkle cream will contain some of the best ingredients to reduce wrinkles, keeping the skin tight, age spot removal, dead skin cell removal and more. Some ingredients that are often found in the best wrinkle cream include:

  • Peptides- Peptides are proteins that are made of amino acids. They can be natural or synthetic. They work to slow the aging process by boosting collagen production. They can be classified as a signal peptide, which tell the skin to produce collagen or stop breaking it up. Carrier peptides deliver copper to the skin, which help with wound healing. The copper can also help with collagen production by stimulating it. Neurotransmitter peptides block the chemical release that causes muscles to contract. Peptides work by making the skin think there is no collagen, so it produces more to make up for the lost collagen.
  • Retinol- Retinol is a powerful antioxidant that helps to repair the skin. It is a form of vitamin A. With the use of retinol, the skin will be smoother, with fewer lines and wrinkles. Pore size is also reduced, while improving the appearance of the skin.
  • Alpha Hydroxy or Beta Hydroxy Acids- Newer skin cells will be exposed as the epidermis is exfoliated with these acids. Improvement will be seen on the skin as the dead skin cells are removed.
  • Antioxidants- Antioxidants help to repair the skin and to prevent damage. Some popular antioxidants include vitamin E and C, pomegranate, reseratrol, and green tea. Often times antioxidants will work hand in hand, improving the outlook of the skin when several of them are used together.
  • Hyaluronic Acid- This humectant can help produce more collagen. It draws water out of the air to help hydrate the skin. It is found naturally in the body.
  • Coenzyme 10- Fine lines and wrinkles may be reduced around the eyes with the use of this ingredient. The skin can also be protected from the sun.
  • Niacinamide- This antioxidant is very powerful. It can improve the elasticity of the skin, and also helps to reduce water loss.


What Are The Advantages of Using the Best Wrinkle Cream?

There are many advantages of using the best wrinkle cream. These benefits include:

  • Smoother and softer looking skin- The skin will be better moisturised, creating the effect of a more even tone. Dead skin cells will be removed, forming new cells that will make the skin radiant.
  • Tighter Skin- The best wrinkle cream will keep the skin tight and help eliminate sagging. When less sagging occurs, fewer wrinkles will be spotted.
  • Fewer age spots or age spot removal- The best wrinkle cream will deliver nutrients to the skin, helping to dissolve age spots.
  • Fast Absorbing- The best wrinkle cream will absorb quickly into the skin, creating instant effects of radiant skin.
  • Undo damage- Antioxidants found in the best wrinkle cream will detoxify the skin. They will also protect against free radicals.

Most of the best wrinkle creams will need to be used twice daily to see the desired effect. Do note that it is essential to use on a daily basis, as the skin will resume back to its original state if the wrinkle cream is discontinued.

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  1. Karolineeee
    Karolineeee says:

    I am 44 years old with no wrinkles on my face. While my friends are starting to age, I have not. I do believe that the reason for this is because I started using wrinkle cream when I was only 20 years old. I knew then that I needed to protect my skin and have been faithful at applying the wrinkle cream twice a day, every day and night. I do feel that this solution has worked for me, and think that when you start early, then you are just protecting your skin that much more.

  2. Elenn
    Elenn says:

    I am using Advanced Dermatology’s line right now and am in love with it. It works like wonders. I started using it about 6 months ago when my friend told me about the 90 day challenge she was using on for her skin. She fell in love with the line, and told me how her skin had transformed. So I ordered the kit and long behold, it worked for me as well. My skin has seen a reduction in wrinkles, it is softer, smoother, more supple. I feel younger and get compliments all the time. I do feel that that best wrinkle cream is from this line. Try it and you will be amazed at how it can totally transform your skin.

  3. Gorgeous face
    Gorgeous face says:

    My mother had wrinkles at a very early age. I am only 30 but I worry that before I hit 40, I will have deep wrinkles like my mother had. Regardless she was a gorgeous lady. However, she was very self conscious about how she looked. I know that I would be that way as well. I have been using wrinkle cream for the past 5 years, but I just purchase the over the counter creams. I wonder if I would have more luck with finding a wrinkle cream that is medical grade. The cream that I am currently using is a good one, it really helps to bring moisture into my face. However, I have never really looked into what the ingredients are. I guess I am slightly embarrassed to say that I just purchased a wrinkle cream based on the TV commercials that I have seen. I need to do better research and start looking for wrinkle creams that contain the ingredients that are listed above.

  4. Patty
    Patty says:

    I have a tendency to laugh a lot. I work with children all day long, so I find that I am constantly laughing at things that they say or do, or I also smile a lot. I worry that these lines will be etched into my skin sometime soon. I am only 25 years old but if I keep doing this, the lines will be sure to stay there permanently. I need the best wrinkle cream so I can stop these lines from being etched into my skin forever.

  5. Wrinkle cream
    Wrinkle cream says:

    I am looking for the best wrinkle cream that I can find. My mother, grandmother and aunts all have really deep wrinkles and I worry that I might end up like them. I am only 34 years old, and no wrinkles are on my face yet. I do believe that my family members are gorgeous, but I just do not want to have the deep wrinkles like they do. I would like to find a wrinkle cream that is fair in price, and really does what it claims to do. I need to look online and see what I can all find. I want a cream that I can use twice a day, as I would rather not have to deal with messing with a day and a night cream. However, if I find the right system and it has a night and day cream I would use it. I want a wrinkle cream that will fully moisturize my skin and be quickly absorbed. I would prefer one that is full of antioxidants as well because growing up I had sun damaged skin. I also spend a great deal of time outside so having antioxidants in my skin cream would allow my face to be better protected.

  6. Wrinkle free
    Wrinkle free says:

    I am so tired of how my skin looks. It was bad enough that I used to have acne, but now I suffer from wrinkles. And to top it off, every wrinkle cream that I have ever used has given me acne. I have only used over the counter wrinkle creams, so my question is since medical grade wrinkle creams are made with stronger solutions, do you feel that the whole formula would be better for my face? Is there less of a chance that I will be able to break out from a medical grade wrinkle cream?

  7. Natural
    Natural says:

    I am only 22 years old but I am very concerned about wrinkles. I want my skin to look good for years and years to come and really want my skin to just be healthy. I have combination skin. My forehead and cheeks are very oily but my nose is dry. Can anyone recommend the best wrinkle cream for me?

  8. Catherina G.
    Catherina G. says:

    I truly feel that when looking for the best wrinkle cream, one needs to get a medical grade cream. I do not feel that ones that are purchased over the counter are strong enough to deal with wrinkles. I guess if you have really deep wrinkles, then it is going to be best to get the medical grade. This will allow the skin to be able to bounce back from those wrinkles that have been imbedded.

  9. Catty
    Catty says:

    I have very deep wrinkles around my mouth and eyes. I am finding that when I apply my makeup, the makeup just sinks into the wrinkles, making me look older. But yet I need makeup to make me look better and have more confidence about myself. I find that no matter what kind of over the counter wrinkle cream I am using, nothing seems to help. I never even thought about trying out medical grade wrinkles creams. This might allow me to find the best wrinkle cream though for my face. I am going to look into getting some as this might help soften the deep lines, and not make my makeup settle into the lines. I just want to have confidence that I look good and I do feel that if I find a good wrinkle cream, and get my skin under control, this will help a great deal.

  10. Marry J
    Marry J says:

    I have had wrinkles on my face for about 3 years now and am at my wits end. I have tried so many different products for my face and nothing seems to help. I have tried Avon, Neutrogena, Olay, Lancome, L’Oreal, Garnier. None of them did my face any justice. I am not sure if it is a matter of not using each product long enough or what. I apply the wrinkle cream twice a day to the face and have used a full jar of each. Yet no results are ever seen. Not even a small bit of results. I guess medical grade wrinkle creams might be the route that I need to take. I just want results, and am hoping that I can find them with something soon.

  11. Mia T.
    Mia T. says:

    I was born with really dry skin, and nothing seemed to help so far. Even the best skin care products and best wrinkle creams can’t hide the lines around my mouth. I’m not a smoker, I even practice not frowning. I don’t have a wide smile, so I kind of don’t know why these deep wrinkles formed around the mouth. And the area around it is also kind of dark, so sometimes it looks like I have a moustache. I truly don’t know what to do. Wrinkles aren’t something I want to get used to, and I definitely don’t want to get those wrinkle fillers, that seems like too much pain!

  12. FreeQueen
    FreeQueen says:

    First, let me say that if you didn’t try the dermal fillers, you can’t claim that it’s painful. To me it was just fine, and I’m really happy. I also did the vampire facial, which really reduced the appearance of the wrinkles around my eyes. So fascinating how you could change in a matter of weeks. I still have under eye wrinkles, but they are not that visible as they were before. Now, I buy the best eye creams to fight these wrinkles off. My advice to all you ladies would be to get started with anti aging skin care as soon as possible before wrinkles and age spots sneak up on you.

  13. Charmaine C.
    Charmaine C. says:

    Advanced Dermatology definitely has the best face cream for wrinkles. They have developed their technology and really, their claims aren’t far fetched. I don’t understand, if you’re here on the website, why are you talking about other products. Scroll around here and you just might find a wrinkle cream that works. Don’t just complain about how you’ve tried everything else, because the truth is ladies, you probably haven’t tried everything. I haven’t tried everything and I’ve tried a lot, so I speak from my own humble experience. I love Advanced Dermatology, they are really awesome and innovative and I definitely believe everything they have to say and recommend!

  14. careful
    careful says:

    I’ve made a blog about top ten anti wrinkle creams during my student years, five years ago. I’ve found out through research that you should always check the ingredients and avoid every cream that has something which is not natural. That will make your skin addicted to these products, and if you stop using them, you will look even worse than you did before you used it. Just be careful, not every anti wrinkle cream is actually going to help you.

  15. aunt probs
    aunt probs says:

    Isn’t it funny how my niece of 18 is thinking that she needs wrinkle removal, when in fact she’s so young I can’t even see any wrinkles, even when she smiles. She heard about this wrinkle eraser, a procedure that erases all the wrinkles, but it’s not like botox. It doesn’t have any toxins in it, it’s supposed to be based on natural ingredients. Just like vitamin e and c, olive oil, shea butter and pomegranate. Now, that’s something I support. Nothing else is worth the time. What’s the best brand of creams that remove wrinkles and have pomegranate in the ingredient list?

  16. Vampire facial!
    Vampire facial! says:

    I decided that the best wrinkle treatment for me is the vampire facial. I also love it. It’s not that bad in terms of pain. I had three sessions done, and saw great improvements. I can thank my doctor, for explaining the entire process to me and making me sure to feel comfortable and safe. And the results are positive and I believe that you can achieve a youthful look faster than with anti wrinkle creams. Creams are okay, in my opinion, but they can’t work as deep as injections. An injection goes into the deeper levels of your skin, changing everything from the roots, while the best wrinkle treatments with cream don’t go a lot below the surface. Too bad, because they are far cheaper, compared to the vampire treatments. But, if it works, at least you know what you are going to get and what you are actually paying for.

  17. Spots
    Spots says:

    I’m 26 and I’m starting to see age spots on my face. That makes me so sad. My best friend told me I could get rid of those with lemon, but I tried, and all it did was dry out my skin more, and made me look ten times older. It’s so ugly!! I’ve found many stuff on wrinkle creams, and I’ve researched about face wrinkles and age spots, but couldnt’ find anything specific I could depend on. I don’t know what to do, I don’t want them to spread!!

  18. Simone
    Simone says:

    Hey, my story is simple. I just have issues with loose skin. I am 25 and when you are at that age, you don’t want your skin to look ten years older than it you really are. And nobody can say it’s not a big deal. Skin care is really important, and I’ve realised that, so about a week ago I got a cream that is really expensive but it’s packed with vitamin C, peptides and stuff like that. Have you found any amazing products that helped you? Please share if you did 


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