Best Anti Aging Cream

How to Choose the Best Anti-Aging Cream

Many women fuss over the choice of the best anti-aging cream, and for a good reason, too. Either because you are new to this type of purchase, or because you are well-informed, the choice would seem to be complex most of the times. However, it doesn’t have to be. This practical guide on choosing the best anti-aging product can be of great help.

Why Anti-Age?

What makes anti-aging products so popular? Why do so many people look for them? As the name suggests, these creams have been created to treat, deal with and sometimes fight back the effects of the passing of time. Regardless of lifestyles or skin types, there is an unchanging fact we must all face: time will go by, leaving marks on our skin. This means that we will all eventually need to look for the best anti-aging cream at one point.

Let’s Get Started: General Guidelines

If you are looking for this type of product for the first time, you should know that some products can be effectively used for various skin types. Furthermore, some anti-aging creams address common skin issues quite well without having to undergo the endless questionnaires on skin types. An effective cream will need to tackle these issues:

  • Sun Damage: Most women who are over 40 will agree that most of the marks on their faces have been caused by the negative effects of sunrays. These conditions include dark marks, spots, chronic dehydration and increased wrinkling. Even when most people have different reactions to the same issues, dark spots –also known as liver spots- are the most common sun-related issues anti-aging creams should address. This is done simply by the cream’s cell-rejuvenating properties: new skin cells help to overall recovery and dark spots lighten up, revealing a new complexion. This issue calls for a cream that will have an exfoliating effect on these unsightly spots. Ingredients must include hydroquinone and kojicacid, for instance.
  • Expression Marks: These are the first tell-tale signs of the passing of time. How wrinkly a face is depends on various reasons, such as genetic factors, lifestyles, sun exposure, frequent yo-yo dieting and overall health issues. A good cream will help to stimulate cell renewal by means of its retinol content. Other useful ingredients are Alpha Hydroxy Acid, which helps to shed off damaged skin.

Choosing the Best Anti-Aging Cream according to Skin Types

Even when some of the common skin issues affect many people, having a one-shoe-fits-all approach for this search may not be a wise thing to do. In fact, you may have noticed by now that what works for your sister or best friend does not work for you just as well or the other way round.

This is mainly because identifying skin types is key if you wish to find the right cream for you. Failure to do so may result in ineffective treatments, unwanted skin reactions, waste of time and money.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

If you have dry, flaky skin, you should look for a cream that will help you hydrate your skin. Nothing reveals aging more than dehydrated skin that itches or patches easily.

If on the other hand, you have oily skin, you should keep away from heavy, thick creams that will only worsen the condition and that will contribute to causing skin rashes or breakouts.

There are many skin tests you can take to determine your skin type and plenty of commercial products available for you to choose from. Remember that the best cream for you is not always the most expensive or the most exclusive.


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  1. Question no5
    Question no5 says:

    I have been blessed with good genes so far but am interested in trying the best anti aging cream that I can find. I am only 38 years old, but have often been told I look like I am 25. I worry about turning 40. I am scared that one day I will wake up and the wrinkles will be out full fledged. So I am looking into getting some anti aging cream for my skin. I refuse to have a skin care cream that is not made from high quality ingredients and will never buy one that has the four ingredients listed above. I make sure right now that my makeup that I purchase is paraben free and fragrance free. I would have never thought about the petroleum derivatived products. I guess we learn something new each and every day!

  2. Angelina
    Angelina says:

    Wrinkles are something that I am really trying to avoid. However, I was astonished to learn that you should not use paraben products. I never have heard of this before, and am scared of getting cancer anyways as it runs in my family. I immediately went to my bathroom and pulled out my skin care line, and looked at the ingredients. However, it does not state that it is paraben free, so I am thinking that it most likely is not. I am going to look for a different anti-aging skin cream because I only want the best for my skin.

  3. iJane
    iJane says:

    Over the years I have tried many different anti aging skin care creams. I have tried the lower end ones to the higher priced ones. I am really curious to try out Advanced Dermatology’s line. They sound like they are at the higher end of the spectrum for quality ingredients. I have looked on the website and done some checking of the products. From what I can tell, they (meaning all the products that were talked about here) rate very well. Many have marveled over them. I do believe that I am going to place an order with them. I want a skin care line that will match the skin care needs that I have, be affordable, yet work like none other has. I feel that Advanced Dermatology can give me that. I look forward to getting my shipment in the mail soon, and will keep everyone posted on the aging process.

  4. Anti age queen
    Anti age queen says:

    I have been using an anti aging cream since I was 35. I just feel better when I use it. I want to make sure that my skin gets all the moisture that it needs and want to keep wrinkles and fine lines at bay. I am 42 now, but people say that I look like I am in my late 30s, which makes me feel pretty good. I can say that my anti aging cream is then working!

  5. Marta
    Marta says:

    I have read that the top four things that one should look for in an anti aging cream are Deanol because it smooths out wrinkles and fine lines and will also firm up the skin. Hyaluronic acid should also be in the cream as this acid really does moisturize the skin. Hyaluronic acid is very good for those who have forehead wrinkles as well. And of course Retinol. This is a wonderful ingredient to have in a skin care product as it helps to renew the cells. And Collagen was listed too, as this will make the skin super strong.

  6. Beautygirl
    Beautygirl says:

    I am shocked about the Petroleum Derivatives! For years now I have been using Vaseline on my face and entire body. I use it on my body to soothe my dry skin and on my face to help it hydrate itself. But my face has never looked good. Gee…I wonder why now? Could it be that the Vaseline was just making my face look worse, clogging my pores and also robbing my face of the moisture that I thought I was putting back in? Lesson learned… from this point on I will NOT be using Vaseline or anything else that is Petroleum Derivatived. So glad that I have found this article as I would probably have used Vaseline for the rest of my life. Good to know that there are some really good anti aging creams on the market. I too am looking for the best of the best anti aging cream and hope that sometime soon I can find it.

  7. Georgrina
    Georgrina says:

    I have never heard of the Advanced Dermatology line. I am going to check it out. I need to do something for these wrinkles. I am getting older and my face is really showing it. I have always been so careful about being out in the sun, and have always worn sunscreen. However, I am almost 50 so I guess a wrinkle here and there is to be expected. I have been using a product from my local drug store, and while I thought it was helping at first, I can now say I am no longer pleased with the results. Granted I do not want to pay an arm and a leg for a product, but if it will do as it is suppose to do, then I am all for paying more. Drug store brands just do not seem to cut it for me anymore, so I want something that was actually developed by dermatologist that know what they are doing. I guess essentially what I am looking for is the best anti aging cream for my skin!

  8. Sure beauty
    Sure beauty says:

    I can not stress enough how essential it is to find the best anti aging cream for your skin. I feel that the sooner you start, the better it is for your skin. I agree that one needs to look for the best ingredients and stay away from the ones that this article said to avoid. Many do not look to see if any of the products they use are paraben free. I always do. And I do not want added fragrance either. It just makes me feel bad putting this stuff on my skin, knowing that it is seeping through, down into my skin. One can never be too sure, so it is best to get high quality ingredients that will work for your skin in the most efficient matter.

  9. Mia
    Mia says:

    One thing that I look for when looking for the best anti aging cream for my skin is if the product is right for my skin. Some products do contain certain ingredients that make them better for certain skin care types. If you are not sure, then you might wish to do some research on the ingredients that are in the cream that you are wishing to use. Certain oils, such as grapeseed oil, are perfect for all skin types. However, there may be some oils that only work well for say dry skin. It is just best to know all the ingredients in the cream.


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