7 Signs That You have Gone TOO far with your Beauty Enhancements

7 Signs That You have Gone TOO far with your Beauty Enhancements

We all wish we had Scarlett Johansson’s lips, the body of Jennifer Lopez, and the hip-shaking dance moves of Shakira. But most of us weren’t born with these blessings. Most of us have to work for weeks in the gym to get rid of a pound of unwanted tummy fat. We have minor procedures done, and do our best to follow the latest trends. But sometimes, the trends are misleading. And sometimes, we take them too far. Here are 7 signs that your natural beauty is not shining through:

Number 1: Fake Tans


Yes, the tanning bed is bad for you on a number of counts, but shining yourself up with spray tans is not the solution. Having spray tans applied every other day can leave you with the glow of Snooki and leave your brand new white jeans orange.

Number 2: Butt Boosters

7 Signs That You have Gone TOO far with your Beauty Enhancements - Advanced Dermatolgoy

Instantly enhancing your backside in hopes of getting curves like Beyonce is one high hope!  It’s all good until you find yourself on a beach trying to strut that same luscious booty in your bikini. Or until you want to get it on with that special someone. I hope he doesn’t feel your butt booster!


Number 3: The Duck Face.


We all can agree that a little pouty face from a 4 year old is cute, but unless you are under the age of 10, “The Duck Face” pout pose is entirely absurd and truly is not flattering.


Number 4: “The Duck Face” as a Result of Over-filling Lips with Collagen or Fillers.

“The Duck Face” as a Result of Over-filling Lips with Collagen - Advanced Dermatology

There is such thing as too much. If your collagen injections become more frequent than your paychecks, you may be over doing it. And if your lips come together to form a duck face pose without attempting, it’s time to give it a break (and potentially find a new cosmetic specialist).

Number 5:  Too Much Perfume.


Women, naturally put off a scent to attract men. A scent that, to many men, is completely irresistible even though they don’t even know it. But, still women overkill with the perfume!  You naturally have the ability to attract the male species. Don’t ruin it with those fake floral scents that make it difficult for those of us around you to breathe.

Number 6: Obnoxious, Ridiculous Nails


We were all in grade school at one time. It was fun to have glitter-covered, bright, fun nail décor. But after high school that’s no longer acceptable.  Stick to the subtle nail colors and nail designs. Minimalism is attractive.

Number 7: Dying Your Hair the Opposite Color of Your Eyebrows


I loved dyed, highlighted, fun, crazy hair. But when you try to go be platinum blonde and you naturally have black hair… stop. Heed my advice and refrain from those drastic changes; it doesn’t match! Keep what works for you naturally.





If the above 7 tips apply to you, you are ready for a “make-under”. Take steps to tone it down. I can guarantee that you will love your new, elegant, demure self, and so will those around you.


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