Acne Free RF Program

Acne. Breakouts. Zits. Blemishes. Pimples. Blemishes. Whatever you call it, acne is serious. It effects 1:3 people at some stage in their life and can have serious psychological effects. If you suffer from acne, you’ve likely tried treatments that don’t work. We’ve got good news for you.  Advanced Dermatology’s minimally invasive acne treatment uses laser technology to shut down the acne cycle. It’s the first real breakthrough in treating severe acne.

It’s time to clear up a few acne myths. Whilst the exact cause of acne is relatively unknown, there is clinical data on what does and doesn’t cause Acne. Acne is caused by hormones, stress, genetics and it is not caused by eating so-called bad foods. The idea that acne sufferers should just ‘wait it out’ is just as ridiculous as the chocolate myth. Blocked pores, excessive production of sebum, and sebum/gland infection are the most common cause of acne. You’re cleansing twice a day. You’ve stopped eating fast food and gave up chocolate. So What’s up with all these acne breakouts? Acne is disease caused by a disorder called pilosebaceous apparatus. Hormones produce sebum that causes the follicle to swell. Other choices are Microdermabrasion and skin peeling, skin treatment packages and topical skin products used for acne prone skin. Choices are available no mater what the concern, or type of skin problems from acne, pigmentation, redness, sun-damage, lines and wrinkles hair removal using light and laser treatments.

Skin Care

At Home Treatments – We see thousands of patients a year with various skin concerns, this gives us ample experience in understanding how the skin works and responds to various treatments. We provide maximum strengh at-home derm treatments that can be purchased here.