Vampire Facelift

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: The Vampire Facelift

In recent years the Vampire Facelift has attracted a lot of media attention. If you were a celebrity walking the red carpet at the 2013 Academy Awards, you would have received a swag bag which included a gift certificate for a complimentary vampire facelift. This is the skin-rejuvenating cosmetic procedure that Kim Kardashian tweeted about in March 2013, but it is not limited to the rich and famous. If you can afford to invest $1,000 – $1,500 in your appearances, you too can turn back the clock with a vampire facelift.

Do not let the popular name of the vampire facelift intimidate you. This is a valid cosmetic procedure that involves a unique process that uses the patient’s blood to improve the condition of facial skin. Trained medical professionals begin this modern procedure by drawing blood from the patient’s arm just as like during a routine blood test.

That is why the procedure is referred to as the vampire facelift, but the medical name for this procedure is Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP therapy. While many of our patients are intrigued by the name of this procedure and the many before/after pictures of celebrities who have received the procedure, we want to educate you about the procedure.

This page will introduce you to platelet rich plasma therapy and help you determine whether it is a good option for your skin. Celebrity pictures are encouraging, but we want you to think about your own before/after pictures. Once you understand our medical professionals complete PRP therapy and how it may benefit your skin, you can contact us for a private consultation.

Inside the Treatment

The Vampire Facelift procedure begins only after a thorough personal consultation with our medical professionals, be it the same day or weeks or months ahead of time. Once all of your questions regarding the procedure are answered, and you are at peace with your decision to awaken the natural beauty of your skin with platelet rich plasma therapy, the treatment begins.

Your trained, experienced medical professional will numb your skin for comfort before moving through the following procedure:

1. Your physician or the nurse draws fresh blood from your arm.

2. They will separate your blood’s plasma from your red blood cells. The red blood cells are discarded, and the plasma is preserved for your treatment. This plasma contains valuable platelets that can stimulate the production of collagen and the generation of new skin cells. All growth factors needed to rejuvenate and refresh the skin are included in this plasma.

3. Your blood plasma is mixed using a special process to ‘activate’ the growth factors.

4. The solution is injected into your skin as discussed during your consultation. This step will vary from one patient to another, depending on your needs and the results you expect to see from the procedure.

This Vampire Facelift is completed much like any other rejuvenating injection treatment, but the use of your own blood makes it the changes come from inside your own body. Most procedures are completed in less than an hour.

Potential Benefits of PRP

It is tempting to rush into a cosmetic procedure when you see those amazing before/after pictures of celebrities, but what can you really expect your results to look like? There are several possibilities to consider:

  • Youthful, vibrant skin glow – fresh cell production
  • Tighter, firmer skin – reduced sagging
  • Enhanced collagen production
  • Fewer fine lines
  • Reduction or elimination of acne scars
  • Elimination of dark under-eye circles
  • Improved skin texture or tone
  • Substantial increase in facial volume

Standard facelift surgeries are completed to smooth out wrinkles and tighten skin for a more youthful appearance. This is exactly what you can expect from a vampire facelift, though there are some significant differences between PRP and a surgical facelift.

Vampire Facelift vs. Surgical Facelift

The biggest difference between these two procedures is the non-invasive nature of the vampire facelift. There is less risk of complications during or after the procedure, and specifically significantly less risk of infection after the procedure, since PRP does not require surgical incisions into your skin. In addition:

  • The vampire facelift can be completed in less than an hour, but facelift surgery requires more time for both the treatment and recovery. Some PRP procedures may take a little longer than an hour if you target multiple areas of skin at once.
    • You only need topical anesthesia to control pain during PRP therapy, but you need more substantial anesthesia during a surgical procedure. You will also need pain medication after facial surgery, but that is not necessary for vampire facelift recovery.
    • Due to the lack of surgical incision, you will recover from your vampire facelift much faster than you would recover from a surgical facelift. This means you will spend far less time away from work and your family when you choose this non-invasive facelift option.

Another major difference between these procedures is the rate at which results are apparent. You will notice the full results of a surgical face lift as soon as your wounds have healed. In comparison, the full results from the PRP procedure can take up to two months to become noticeable. This modern procedure allows your skin to gradually heal and rejuvenate itself over time in a more natural fashion.

When you have a surgical facelift, it is easy for others to guess that you have undergone plastic surgery. The results are stark and immediate. PRP delivers a more natural, progressive regeneration of the skin that is not as obvious. While you will turn heads and questions will be asked about what you are doing to look so fresh and youthful, it won’t look as if you resorted to plastic surgery.

Restore Your Natural Shape and Volume

PRP is all about lifting your skin so that you see your face’s natural shape and volume return. With age, your skin naturally sinks, sags and flattens. You start to look more yellow or gray as your skin cells grow older and collagen levels deplete. You may notice fine lines around your mouth and eyes, or you may suffer from dark under-eye circles that do not go away with adequate sleep or relaxation.

A surgical facelift is effective if you have excess skin that you want removed or you just want to quickly tighten the skin. PRP is a more suitable option if you want to lift and shape your face without removing excess skin. If you still aren’t certain which option is best for your skin, come discuss your options with our experienced professionals. You will get answers to all of your questions and obtain additional information about the vampire facelift during your initial consultation.

PRP – Nature’s Facelift

Our patients may come through the door because they have heard about the vampire facelift through social media, mainstream media or from friends, but they decide to go through with the procedure for personal reasons. For many of our patients, it is a desire to look fresh and alive in the most natural manner possible. They want to look their best and stop premature signs of ageing, but they want to work with their skin rather than cutting into their skin.

The Vampire Facelift gives your body what it needs to naturally boost collagen production and develop fresh skin cells. The facelift results are not instant because it takes time for your body to make these adjustments and begin the process of healing your skin. You gradually improve the condition of your skin, but the final results are just as remarkable as the results often seen from surgical facelifts.

Don’t just look at those celebrity before/after pictures and wish those results were yours. Schedule a consultation with our professionals today to discuss the Vampire Facelift so that we can work together to bring your own before/after pictures to life.

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