Under Eye Wrinkles

Under Eye Wrinkles: Causes and Treatments

Under eye wrinkles are the first fine lines to begin appearing on your face and therefore are the most talked about type of wrinkles. It is important to know what causes under eye wrinkles and how to prevent and treat them. Under eye wrinkles can begin developing as early as your twenties! If you have seen them and thought “I’m too young to be getting wrinkles!” Then this could be the article for you. Or if you have developed wrinkles at the corners of your eyes and need to know how to treat them or prevent them, read on to find out more.

Why Do We Develop Under Eye Wrinkles First

The skin around our eye area is very thin, the thinnest area we have on our body in fact. Because of this, we need to take extra special care of the eye area. It needs extra moisture to remain radiant and extra care to remain firm and smooth.

We develop under eye wrinkles due to the following main factors: sun, smoke, skincare, sleep and squinting.

For the purpose of this article, I will call them the 5 S’s.


The UV light from the sun is the major cause of wrinkles, no matter where on the face. The sun causes wrinkles around the eye area so it is very important to use SPF daily to prevent the UV light from damaging our skin.


Smoking also causes wrinkles which has been proven in many studies. Smoke causes free radicals in the skin and damages collagen and elastin which are essential to healthy, firm skin.

Essential Skin Care:

Skin care products help prevent wrinkles and keep the eye area smooth and moist as we age. It is important to have an excellent, powerful product from the early twenties on in order to prevent wrinkles.  The Advanced Dermatology Anti-Aging System is a prime example of a skin care line geared toward reducing wrinkles, firming the skin and revealing the youthful appearance you have been wanting. It is perfect for mature skin that has already begun developing wrinkles or for younger clientele who need to begin taking preventative measures. It is a simple 6-step system that includes a Youthful Boost Eye Cream which is ideal for those seeking help with under eye wrinkles. You can learn more about our Anti Aging System here.

Sleep can affect under eye wrinkles, too!

Sleep is another factor that could affect the appearance of fine lines in the eyes. Although there is not enough evidence to prove is causes wrinkles, sleeping on your stomach can put strain on your face for hours at a time while you are sleeping. These hours are spent tugging at your eye area which is extremely sensitive. That is why you can often wake up with “sleep lines” that can also turn into wrinkles. It is recommended to sleep on your back if you can, or on your side.


Yes, squinting causes wrinkles. It is not a common thought but if you can prevent yourself from squinting either by always having a pair of sunglasses with you while in the sun to avoid squinting, it can be extremely helpful.  

If by now you have already begun to see wrinkles, a great skin care tip is to use facial creams. Advanced Dermatology has a powerful product called The Sixty Minute Face Lift which can rejuvenate your skin without injections or surgery. It is excellent for under eye wrinkles but also perfect for wrinkles on the forehead, cheeks, jowls and anywhere else.

An honourable mention for preventing under eye wrinkles is to not tug at your eye area while applying makeup. Because the area is so sensitive, even some light tugging can cause premature wrinkles. But, in conclusion, the most important step is SPF and a powerful skin care line for preventing under eye wrinkles.

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