Skin Rejuvenation

A Guide to Skin Rejuvenation: Options, Outcomes & More

Whether you are looking to fight off the effects of ageing, or find a solution for a different skin condition or aesthetic problem, you may already be interested in skin rejuvenation. But what does that even mean, and what are your options?

Skin rejuvenation actually incorporates a number of individual types of treatments, and it is important to understand the differences between them and their applications. It is also useful to understand the benefits of these procedures, and some other key considerations before you book your appointment. Use this guide to learn about the entire field of skin rejuvenation.

This article forms part of a series on Facial Rejuvenation by our medical experts, including: Photorejuvenation, IPL Skin Rejuvenation and Facial Rejuvenation. Learn more by visiting these article, voicing your opinions in the comment sections below or contacting us on 1300 788 800.

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Different Options for Skin Rejuvenation

There are several types of skin rejuvenation treatments, although as you will see, there are a variety of sub classifications and groupings within this structure.

First, you have thermal energy treatments. Thermal energy treatments incorporate two sub-categories, radio and optical treatments.

Radio Frequency: Radio frequency devices induce a thermal heating effect on the skin using the radio band of energy waves. Radiofrequency devices produce tightening and rejuvenation of the skin. Devices differ from one another in the type of radiofrequencies utilised, as well as the number of “poles” incorporated, e.g., bipolar or tripolar energy.

Optical: Optical is also known as photo, i.e., photo-rejuvenation, because of visible light being used. Optical treatments can be broken down further into two more subsets of treatment:

Light: Intense pulsed light, or IPL technology is used with quick and noninvasive treatment. This is an affordable and convenient option, and it can work with a very wide range of conditions and outcomes.

Laser: Lasers utilise photothermolysis, and are able to selectively target tissue in a very specific bandwidth to go after the target area without causing damage to surrounding tissue. Laser skin resurfacing treatments may be either ablative, meaning they cause uniform injury to skin leading to the removal of targeted layers of skin (similar to a deeper chemical peel, see below), or non-ablative, which means that they use heat damage. Strong fractional lasers may be used to tighten skin to treat lines, wrinkles, scarring and other types of damage.

Chemical Treatments: The final category of skin rejuvenation procedures are chemical treatments, including chemical peels. There are of course a huge range of chemical peels, based on different types of active ingredients and applications. Chemical peels essentially work by causing dead and dry skin to slough off and “peel” away.

Of course, in the broadest sense, skin rejuvenation may also refer to cellulite treatments, active acne treatment or management, microdermabrasion, nonsurgical skin tightening, and more.

What Can Skin Rejuvenation Treat?

Skin rejuvenation is an extremely diverse and varied field. The best procedures can be used for an amazingly wide array of applications when it comes to the specific conditions or physical concerns they are treating. Of course, you will need to make a decision based upon what your own needs, circumstances and preferences are, and which treatment works best for that specific application.

Here are a few of the many different concerns and conditions for which skin rejuvenation can work wonders:

  • Reducing and fighting off the effects of ageing, including wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots or sunspots
  • Stretch mark removal
  • Acne scarring and other shallow scars
  • Reducing the appearance of broken capillaries and spider veins.
  • Rosacea, melasma, hyperpigmentation, and other skin conditions
  • Smoothing, brightening, and improving skin texture,
  • And many more specific concerns

Why Thermal Energy is a Great Solution for Skin Rejuvenation

As described above, the group of thermal energy treatments incorporate numerous individual types of devices and avenues to produce a range of benefits and positive outcomes. There is a solution for nearly any specific condition within the group of thermal energy skin rejuvenation treatments. Very targeted results can be produced, because very specific wavelengths of energy can be selected, creating desired outcomes without causing damage or unwanted side effect.

Important Considerations

Most forms of skin rejuvenation can provide relatively long-lasting outcomes. However, none of the types of skin rejuvenation offer a permanent solution. That is because while they can reduce, remove or fight off the effects of ageing, they cannot stop the passage of time and the effect of gravity, age and time on your body. This means that Pigmentation, wrinkles and lines may one day form again, other spots may appear, and so forth. Even if we were able remove them in the first place, which we often can, we cannot control the underlying causes of those problems.  While you will enjoy a more youthful appearance, you have to have realistic expectations about the longevity of the improvements, and consider whether you may want to have further treatments in the future as well.

Skin rejuvenation treatments are by and large relatively quick ‘in-office’ procedures, with little-to-no need for downtime or extended recovery. However, you will have to follow your clinicians advice in terms of at-home care in the days that follow, including potentially avoiding the sun or soaking in water.

Skin rejuvenation is not an effective treatment for the removal of cancerous tissue. It can be used to remove precancerous growths; however, skin rejuvenation is considered solely cosmetic.

Costs of Skin Rejuvenation

Different types of skin rejuvenation treatments have widely varying costs. Below are a few examples based on Advanced Dermatology’s research data of a variety of skin clinics in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane collected in 2013:

  • Chemical Peels: $250-$550
  • IPL Treatment cost: $350-$800.
  • Laser skin Resurfacing cost: $1000-$2000 (nonablative-ablative)
  • Fractional Resurfacing cost: $1000-$2000 (nonablative-ablative)

Keep in mind that the above figures only represent the fees quoted by the practice, and there may be other costs involved in your treatment as well. The costs above represent the cost of a single treatment, though certain types of skin rejuvenation will require multiple sessions and individual treatments. For instance, common IPL treatments actually involve an average of between three and six separate sessions, depending on the strength of the device and your own individual circumstances.

All types of skin rejuvenation are cosmetic, elective procedures, and as such will not be eligible for insurance coverage. However, many clinics offer clients flexible payment plans.

Choosing Your Clinic

Another very important area of concern is your choice of clinic or individual medical professional. With so many varieties of skin rejuvenation treatments, you want to find a clinic that offers the specific treatment that you are seeking. Certain clinics may offer a wide range of types of treatments, while others may focus on a more narrow range, or even an individual form of treatment and to the exclusion of others. Whomever you are working with should be able to answer all of your questions or concerns about how these treatments differ, and which option may or may not be the best fit for you individually.

It is important to discuss the outcomes and benefits that you are seeking, and how an individual treatment will get you to that end result. You should be comfortable with your doctor, and confident that together you have developed a complete course of treatment that has been designed specifically for you.

Do not be afraid to ask or look into your doctor’s or other skin professional’s qualifications, education and training. Online research in terms of reputation, and reviews from other patients and clients, is also a helpful tool.

Bottom Line

Skin rejuvenation is a wonderful solution for adults of all ages and backgrounds. It is especially effective, beneficial and common for individuals as they are ageing, to help offset that process, and help their inner vitality shine through into their outer appearance. With many different types of treatments, and an extensive array of benefits and positive outcomes, skin rejuvenation is a convenient and effective choice for many patients.

At Advanced Dermatology we utilises the industry’s “Gold Standard” in Skin Rejuvenation treatment in Sydney. We also provide treatments for Laser Skin Resurfacing, Sun Damage, Fractional Laser, Non-Surgical Facelifts and much more. To learn more about skin rejuvenation or discuss specific treatments that may be right for you, consult with a well-trained skin professional at Advanced Dermatology, contact us on 1300 788 800.

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The first step should always be a consultation first. This allows us to better understand your circumstances and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.
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18 replies
  1. Skin Rejuv Joy
    Skin Rejuv Joy says:

    I find that chemical peels don’t work for me in the longer run, and because I want something that will at least last a little while, and make me more youthful, I did the IPL skin rejuvenation. It’s a fast procedure, which is sort of like a non-surgical face lift. It’s not uncomfortable, and it’s done so quickly and after it you just go by your business. No fuss, no muss. I can feel my skin tightening, and it’s not that droopy anymore. It’s smoother and it’s not hanging from my face, as I would like to think it does usually. It’s not easy defying age… But with the light treatments, it almost feels like you’re doing nothing at all, just getting younger. I love that! And just by making my skin look a bit more tight and radiant, I look so much fresher it’s amazing. Go for the IPL, it does miracles.

  2. Amber
    Amber says:

    I’m a very often guest at the skin rejuvenation clinic we have in our city, literally. I have no fear at all of these procedures, after all we do live in the 21st century, it’s not a big deal. A little chemical or laser treatment here and there never killed anybody, only made him or her more beautiful. I consider myself quite attractive, but what I didn’t like were little scars I had on my cheeks and forehead, from those annoying puberty acne I had. I didn’t have a lot, but the ones I did were really deep and dark. I needed scar removal, and fast, so I went for a couple of ipl treatments. I was more than pleased with the results, and I am surely coming back for more, especially since they are so easy to handle, and give great affects in smoothing and fading away the scarred tissue.

  3. Kaitlyn
    Kaitlyn says:

    Has anyone ever been bothered by stretch marks like I have? I know many women were. Those lines are so annoying, and after giving birth, I looked like a zebra when I looked at myself in the mirror. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but I was really frustrated by it. Of course no cream what so ever worked, no matter how much money I paid. And I really can’t avoid going to the pool in my bathing suit for much longer. When I got fed up with it, I went online and searched some more effective and aggressive treatments. I chose to go with fractional laser treatment, and after the first one at the laser skin clinic, I didn’t see much results, but I didn’t lose hope. It does take several treatments because my skin really cracked, it’s dry and weak, but I am beginning to see improvement now. It can be a bit painful, but for me, it’s totally worth it.

  4. Evie H
    Evie H says:

    The treatment I usually get is the cheapest one, but not because of the price, but because my skin isn’t severely damaged. I have good skin, no acne, no scars, just some fine lines along my eyes and on my forehead, but I really enjoy in skin care. What I do from time to time, is go for a chemical peel. Exfoliation at home doesn’t have the same effect, it’s just not the same at all. I exfoliate, look great for a couple of hours, and then my pores look clogged up again, and my skin, so, so dry…Chemical peels are cheaper, less invasive, and after that my skin always looks dewy, smooth and radiant. It’s actually instant skin-rejuvenation. I’ve never had any bad reactions to a chemical peel. I love it, and I would recommend it to any woman that just likes to freshen up her face occasionally, and doesn’t want expose herself to any harsh treatment.

  5. Tattoo Removal
    Tattoo Removal says:

    Is laser tattoo removal possible at these skin rejuvenation clinics? I’ve read a lot about all kinds of treatments, chemical peels, fractional lasers, IPL treatments etc. I know they can treat any kind of scars, stretch marks, acne, and some skin conditions… Some of them I haven’t even heard of, but thumbs up for modern technology. I was just wondering what kind of a laser treatment would be used for removing tattoos? It’s not a big tattoo, but a big reminder of a big mistake I made when I was 21. I’ve read that ablative laser treatments are the most intense, because they destroy skin cells in order for the skin to heel and produce new ones…I’d love to hear some personal experiences from anyone who has maybe done this. I’m going to make an appointment with a consultant, but I like to get info first hand, from someone who has been through it…

    • Gabriella Boyer
      Gabriella Boyer says:

      Some clinics do provide laser tattoo removal but you will need to contact the clinic first. The cost of laser tattoo removal is quite costly and requires many, many sessions. My friend started that treatment and it took her months and months of sessions and after all that, still could not completely remove the tattoo.

  6. Gabriella Boyer
    Gabriella Boyer says:

    I think skin rejuvenation products can work if you start using them on time, and properly. It’s not necessarily age rewinding, but it can make facial lines and wrinkles a bit more smooth. Laser dermatology has come so far, it can do anything but I’m not the one to burn my skin. As tempting as it may be, I’m just too sensitive for that. Although I am a firm believer in skin care products you can buy on the shelf, I have a scheduled consultation with a specialist about optical treatment, but a less harsh one, like the IPL treatments. I’m not really up to date with it, but hopefully it’s not too hard to bare. I don’t like treatment that leave you lying in bed after it… IPL is called the ‘lunch time’ treatment, and many reviews have been more than excellent about it. I will probably give that a go, since it’s the least uncomfortable one.

  7. Dimi
    Dimi says:

    I have some shallow acne scarring which I would love to finally get rid of. I have heard of laser treatments for acne scarring before but this article so far sounds the most promising. I love the thought of not only removing the scars but also slowing down the process of ageing. You have me convinced! :)

  8. Skin Doc
    Skin Doc says:

    Let’s get a few facts right – if you’re going for a successful and visible skin rejuvenation, the chemical peel is not going to do that for you. It’s just a peel, it’s not going to stimulate any great improvements or collagen production, it just clears the dead cells away, making your skin look younger, when it’s just an illusion, it’s not actually younger. One of the treatments that I really liked and I am still going to do a couple of more times, without any concerns and regrets is the ipl skin rejuvenation. Oh my God, that’s an awesome treatment. It’s so mild and so quick, you don’t even feel like you’re exposing yourself to some kind of a risk. It almost feels like it’s so short and painless you don’t have any time to get any side effects. I felt great after it, I also looked great, I felt rejuvenated, my skin was looking tighter… I don’t know about lasers, but this really worked fine for me.

  9. Marcia
    Marcia says:

    IPL skin rejuvenation reviews are great, but rejuvenation with the fraxel laser is even better. Photo rejuvenation I read about just seems surreal, but the laser techniques seem most helpful with facial skin rejuvenation. Our faces and the skin is complex, and the problems we have come from within. Lasers are the only thing that can penetrate our skin to the level where all the bad stuff comes from.

  10. Hazel G.
    Hazel G. says:

    Laser clinics are everywhere, and I get the feeling that’s why people tend to think skin laser rejuvenation is the best. But just because something is everywhere, and on every corner raises my doubts. Now, what’s wrong with a chemical peel! It’s still a form to get your skin to look younger and more fresh. I love the feeling after a chemical peel. Well, not immediately, because my skin tends to be red for two, or three days after it, but then I see that all the dry patches on my skin are gone, as well as the spots, and it’s a great feeling to see something work. I don’t get it that often, but I still believe that it works well. If you haven’t tried it out, try it. I recommend that you go for a chemical peel a couple of times, and then if you’re not satisfied you can go for something like photo rejuvenation, or an ipl treatment. Laser resurfacing would be the last thing I would try. Burning my skin? Doesn’t look nice, and probably doesn’t feel too good either.

  11. Carrol
    Carrol says:

    Facial rejuvenation isn’t supposed to be very painful, these are usually procedures done in a doctor’s office. I did thermage once, which helped my face with sun damage, and it also made it look brighter and younger. I am now 41 so I can really tell the difference; where as if you’re 26 I don’t think you’ll be satisfied with it. Skin rejuvenation clinics don’t’ care about your age, and some of them won’t even tell you about other options… I am quite happy with skin tightening I got from thermage, even if it’s not exactly what it states to do, I still feel it did great things for my skin.

  12. Jolly
    Jolly says:

    Laser skin rejuvenation is the best! These sonic treatments and chemical ones can’t compare at all! They are definitely not as efficient and don’t deliver the results that you are looking for! You’re just going to have to visit the doctor’s office more! Lasers are the thing…

  13. Baily M.
    Baily M. says:

    I can’t believe that nowadays every single procedures is considered to be rejuvenating. I mean, microdermabrasion, thermage, ultherapy, liquid face lifts… are these all really the same thing? I was in a doctor’s office, it’s actually more a beauty clinic, but I was getting laser hair removal, and they were talking about skin rejuvenation Sydney has, and all the different things and procedures, and I was shocked at the number of them. Why so many? I don’t understand. I do believe that some work, I am really intrigued by the IPL procedure, let’s say. But then again, I hear people talking about fraxel laser resurfacing, and then I switch to that, and think, oh well, that must be great too. Am I the only one that finds this confusing? It’s creating even more wrinkles on my face as we are speaking.

  14. Monny
    Monny says:

    I had laser resurfacing, and it’s brilliant. You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment, it’s not that harsh as you all think it is. After all, it wouldn’t be so raved about if it wasn’t all right. It’s actually more than alright, I love it, and it’s the only thing that makes me look fabulous for months… My skin makes me look five years younger, and I know, because I get compliments like that all the time. But I was wondering if there are any skin rejuvenation products that I could use after the laser skin resurfacing? Can you recommend any special serum, or a night cream, that would aid my skin. I’ve had laser resurfacing five times already, and I don’t want to undermine any results I got with some inexpensive creams.

  15. Marlon
    Marlon says:

    I love chemical peels, but I also love IPL treatments. I can’t say which one is better. It’s equally important that you have proper skin care, and take care of it before and after, especially after.

  16. Eva
    Eva says:

    People are so obsessed with skin rejuvenation. What about not smoking and not drinking, and leading a healthy lifestyle. Pay attention to your nutrition, drink lots of water, include fruits and vegetables in your everyday routine, and see how it will reflect on your skin. And it will, trust me. It’s not like you have to use modern medicine to fix everything. I believe it does fix, but it’s not the right way to go.

  17. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    I got scar removal, because my acne made my face look like a battlefield. No skin rejuvenation products helped, because my skin wasn’t feeling them. Then I got thermage, and it’s a complete different story. Not everything works for everything, that’s for sure!


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