How Retinol Works

Do you know what is in your skincare routine? Taking care of your skin isn’t just about buying the most expensive or popular items on the market, it’s about knowing what is best for your skin and which ingredients to use. Retinol is, in fact, becoming a very popular buzzword in the dermatology world of skincare but for good reason. It has a lot of great properties that help protect skin and help it look youthful and radiant. Retinol is one of a handful of ingredients that a person can look for in their skincare products if they want to actively work toward younger, fresher looking skin every day.

What is Retinol

It is essentially the molecule Vitamin A. It has a strong function to play in the skin: it can help skin cells behave and act as perfectly normal skin cells would before sun damage and ageing took its toll. So, retinol has anti-ageing properties and helps restore radiance and youth back into the skin cells. Not only does it help prevent further skin damage but it can almost reverse negative signs of sun damage, acne scarring and other skin damage that may have occurred throughout the years.

Retinol Skin Care Routine

As mentioned, many skin routines may carry this ingredient in their product due to the many benefits (as listed below). It is often found in over-the-counter products and is easily accessible. Prescriptions from dermatologists may have this ingredient listed as “retinoids” or “prescription retinol.” The issue with retinol is that it sometimes can be quite harsh on the skin.

Finding a multi-step skin care routine has been proven to work best. Retinol is one great example of anti-ageing skin care products but many skincare lines will have similarly acting ingredients. Advanced Dermatology Anti-Ageing System is one great example of a multi-step skincare line with active ingredients very similar to retinol. As mentioned, similar ingredients can be less harsh on the skin and more affordable. The Advanced Dermatology Anti-Ageing System has an exemplary 5-step system with a cleanser, Super Youth Serum, Day Cream, Anti-Wrinkle Night Treatment, Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream and an optional yet recommended eye cream.

Benefits of Retinol

This ingredient works with damaged and dead skin cells to better repair them and revive them. The main benefit it has is that it works with the skin instead of covering it. Buying products with retinol and similar cell-building ingredients dig deep down into the problem of damaged and dull skin and work to fix it. It is not just a cover up or quick fix.

It can stimulate collagen, regulate cell function and improve the overall condition of the skin. In everyday terms, this means plumper skin, brighter skin and reducing the appearance of damage like acne scars and sun damage. It can even help fill in wrinkles by plumping the cells.

How to Choose

A skincare line backed by science is always a good choice. Scientists have been able to understand how specific yet natural ingredients like retinol can be a game-changer in our everyday products. Our skin is our largest organ and needs special care. We all want younger looking skin and nowadays there are products that can actually give that to us. By using creams, serums, sunscreen and lotions, we can protect, soften and firm the skin little by little. The best pathway to younger skin for longer is by protecting it but sometimes we need products with more power. Retinol can do that for those people. It is important to test out products and see how your skin reacts to them before adding it to your daily regime.

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