Oxygen Facial

Oxygen Facial: Benefits and Side Effects

An oxygen facial was created to help combat signs of ageing. It is a process that does not involve any needles or use of chemicals. The process of hyperbaric oxygen therapy has been around since the 1940s.The use of an oxygen facial will help rejuvenate the skin, showing off healthier skin. The hydrating of the skin will leave it feeling balanced, with many other skin conditions disappearing in the process.

The skin needs oxygen in order to survive, but with pollution, how the skin ages, and other factors, the skin may not have all the oxygen that it needs. Pressurised oxygen is delivered to the face, hydrating the skin immediately. The skin cells are replenished with the contact the oxygen has with the skin.

Since oxygen is a bactericide that is all natural, the use of oxygen on the skin will cool and calm it, as well as destroy anaerobic bacteria.

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Why does the skin need oxygen?

The skin needs oxygen just like the body does in order to survive. If enough oxygen is not delivered to the face, a dull, lifeless complexion can be seen. Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots will accelerate faster without the use of oxygen.

What are the benefits of an oxygen facial?

An oxygen facial will deliver many benefits to the skin. These include an increase in circulation, an improvement in skin texture, and hydrating dry skin. There is no down time associated with the oxygen facial, with the treatment being safe for all skin types. This type of facial is perfect to use after a laser treatment, and can be easily done on the lunch hour. It will help to detoxify the skin, restore cell nourishment, and stimulate collagen production. An oxygen facial will also help speed up healing time on the skin. An oxygen facial can help those with active acne, mature skin, dry and dull complexions, and oily or combination skin.

Are there any side effects of an oxygen facial?

One of the best things about receiving an oxygen facial is there are little risks associated with it. Redness of the skin may be experienced, but this usually only happens to those with damaged or sensitive skin. The redness will only be temporary.

How is an oxygen facial performed?

Skin will be thoroughly cleansed and be exfoliated. This will ensure that the face is clean of all dirt and debris. Pure hyperbaric oxygen will is then sprayed onto the face with a wand. It is infused with a serum that contains antioxidants and nutrients. There may be a slight pressure on the skin, with a cooling effect. The process should take about half an hour to an hour to complete.

Who can use an oxygen facial?

Since every skin type needs oxygen in order to survive, anyone can use an oxygen facial.Those that are facing accelerated ageing will find great benefits to having one done, but teenagers can also see great results with one. Using an oxygen facial has proven beneficial to those that suffered from a sun burn or wind exposed skin as it has a calming effect. Those with rosacea can even use the oxygen facial.

How often can an individual have an oxygen facial?

Oxygen facials can be performed every four to six weeks to see the greatest benefits. Some individuals will even opt to have them done weekly. Those that have regular maintenance oxygen facials will see the best results. Please do note that having an oxygen facial too much can lead to the release of free radicals, which can cause wrinkles, destroy skin cells and cause premature ageing.

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The first step should always be a consultation first. This allows us to better understand your circumstances and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you.
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6 replies
  1. Gretch
    Gretch says:

    Oxygen facials are truly great. I have had four now and loved the effects of each and everyone. They are for anyone that wants the skin to look better. Granted, I do not have very many wrinkles, but I feel like my skin is just so polluted since I live in a large city. I feel like when I have an oxygen facial, my face it totally cleansed out and that I am helping the skin heal. It just makes my skin radiant. If you want skin that will look better with a simple treatment that has virtually no side effects, choose to have an oxygen facial. If you are skeptical, just try one. It will not take long to have one and then you will find that you are hooked like me.

  2. troublemaker
    troublemaker says:

    Last spring, I had a girls weekend with my sisters and my mother. We all decided to do the oxygen facial at the spa we were at. We were all very happy with the results. So much that we opted that this winter we will have another weekend and do the same thing. The procedure was fast and simple and felt good. Plus it delivers the most amazing results. My sisters range in age from 21 to 45.We all have different skin types. Mine is very oily, while my sister’s is dry. My mom has mature skin that has several wrinkles. The oxygen facial did her face the most justice I thought, but we all got the justice that we needed! I would have paid twice what I paid to see the results that I saw. My face was silky smooth afterward. And I just felt like I glowed. Never before have I ever had a facial like this one, and I will say that I highly recommend it.

  3. Amazing!!!
    Amazing!!! says:

    I have had an oxygen facial before and let me tell you, it was one of the best things that I have done for the skin. The procedure took about 45 minutes to complete, and my skin looked and felt amazing afterward. My face did not get red at all. And there was not any pain associated with it either. The cooling effect was very nice as well. My face was cleansed well and then they exfoliated it, which felt amazing all in its own. After the treatment, my face felt soft and supple. I am going back in for another treatment in a few weeks. This really is a cost effective treatment for those that are looking for a way to make aging skin look and feel better.

  4. Want!
    Want! says:

    I really want an oxygen facial after reading this article. It sounds like they are painless and easy to do and deliver great results. I wonder if my local dermatologist does them? If so I am going to schedule an appointment to have one done. I have a very dull complexion. I wonder if I had a treatment or two done if it would allow my skin to glow. Because that is what I really want for my skin!

  5. Ally D.
    Ally D. says:

    Oxygen is great for the skin. The use of oxygen therapy has been around for a while and I know that many celebs are huge fans of having this treatment done. And let us not forget when Michael Jackson was burned so badly, he used a chamber that was filled with oxygen to help his body heal. It is amazing that oxygen has that much pull in helping the skin heal. I have never had an oxygen facial done before but it sounds like it can greatly benefit the skin.

  6. binisa
    binisa says:

    I did an oxygen facial for first time.
    And was amazed by the first trial itself.Then did the 2nd,3rd and still continuing as it gives my skin a better better than ever before i have experienced so far..it gives any type of skin a better glow,smoothness and any skin problem would disappear with its regular try


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