Laser Fat Removal

Laser Fat Removal Treatment Options

Laser fat removal is an alternative to liposuction. This is a non-surgical procedure. This procedure uses low doses of light laser which do not react well to diet and exercise. Fat cell membranes are disturbed, releasing intra- cellular fat. This will cause the fat membrane to change its shape. Triglycerides come out of the cell membranes, and travel to the interstitial space, where they will then move through the body. The cells will be used as a form of energy. After the procedure, intense exercise can be used to speed up the breakdown and removal of fat from the area on the body that is being treated. Areas of treatment could include the face, neck, back, hips, thighs, upper arms, chin, cheeks, knees and buttocks.

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Laser fat removal is an effective way to shape up the body while contouring it. An individual might consider having the process done by a skin specialist if they have tried to lose weight but still struggle with fat pockets forming, have limited fat supplies on the back, abs, or thighs, or want to achieve a slimmer self without having to go under the knife.


Velasmooth is a laser fat removal procedure that utilises Elos treatment. Elos technology is the first and only technology that utilises both bi-polar radio frequencies and optical energy. It uses a highly controlled source of energy heat, which works well with the optical energy. Short or long pulses work to target skin tissues and enable optimisation for specific skin types. This technology is completely safe and works on all skin types. There is no additional risks to the epidermis with this procedure.  Velasmooth has many proven results in clinical studies done and thousands of patients have already received the fat reduction treatment. The Velasmooth treatment works by contouring through the cellulite treatment. Under the Velasmooth laser fat removal, one will have no downtime. This means that the individual can return to their daily lives without having an interruption of taking time off to heal. This treatment uses no drugs, has no side effects, and is approved by the TGA.

Why choose Velasmooth for your laser fat removal treatment?

Velasmooth can help one gain more confidence in their body. Velasmooth will help with cellulite and contour and shape the hips, love handles, bra line, neck, calves, arms and buttocks. It provides many great benefits, such as a better body image, decreased muscle aches and pains, increased self-confidence and increased circulation. Those that are good candidates for Velasmooth laser fat removal include woman who have a BMI (body mass index) of 20-30%, as well as those woman that follow a healthy lifestyle and are in good health.


Zerona is another form of laser fat removal. A pore inside the fat cells wall is opened via a laser, which then release the fat into the interstitial space. Excess fat is then removed during the detoxification process. The treatment takes about forty minutes to do, and will need to be repeated six times, three times each week for two weeks. The laser is used at a low level and is very safe and effective for those that desire fat loss.

Tips to ensure you get optimal results from your laser fat removal treatment?

To make laser fat removal more successful, one can maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep a steady weight. Prior to treatments, an individual should remove any sunless tanning products, as well as remove all body oils. One should shave before the treatment and also exfoliate the skin. Results from laser fat removal are permanent. That does not mean that we can prevent the accumulation of new fat cells, but once the fat cells in a specific area have been treated and destroyed, weight will not be gained in that area.

Get the Body You've Always Wanted With TriLipo For As Low As $150 Per Session.

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10 replies
  1. Zenora lover
    Zenora lover says:

    I have done Zenora and loved the results. I lost a total of 4 inches. It feels amazing to look a bit more toned. I recommend this procedure to anyone that is having issues with losing weight in certain areas. My thighs have always been an issue for me. Thunder thighs is what I call them. But the treatment let me loose some unwanted fat! I honestly did not feel anything during the procedure. I just laid there and talked to my dermatologist. It was actually relaxing not having anything to do during the hour that it took. I did have to have the series of treatments done, but it was easy for me to schedule around my work and life. And I could go back to what I was doing right after my appointment, which made me very happy.

  2. J.K. Kellis
    J.K. Kellis says:

    I have had Velasmooth done before and loved the results. A spray is applied to the treatment area, and then there will be the suction portion. After this, one will feel a warmth while the area is being treated. My dermatologist said that the results would be permanent as long as I did maintenance. Without the maintenance, you will see that the results will be lost in six to eight weeks. For these six to eight weeks, a series of two treatments per week are given. I saw results after my sixth treatment, however, it is not unusual to see results after the fifth one. I would have to say that the treatment was very relaxing for me. It felt almost like a massage. The warmth that was felt was amazing. I did not mind having multiple treatments, in fact, I relished in the fact that I got to relax for a bit without my cell phone or the kids wanting or needing something. I do recommend if you have not heard of nor tried Velasmooth, you look into it. You will be amazed at the end results. I have lost a few inches off my upper arms and abs and it feels great.

  3. Sissy
    Sissy says:

    I have always had cellulite on my body. My thighs are the worst. I know that every woman has issues with this but I wanted it taken care of. I did some research and decided that Velasmooth was the right treatment for me. I have had 7 sessions done so far and will have 3 more to do. I can tell a difference in my thighs already. They are not as big as they used to be and the cellulite it disappearing. My fiance and I like to go to the beach and pool, so it is essential for me to look good in a swim suit. I just never felt that I looked great because all I can think of when I put on a suit is the cellulite is showing! However, now my thighs are not really an issue. Even my fiance said to me the other day that I was really showing an improvement. I do work out each week, about 45 minutes, five times a week. I know that this helps me with the cellulite, but the Velasmooth treatment has taken it to a new level!

  4. Jane D.
    Jane D. says:

    Let me tell you, that Zerona is FDA approved and above all it’s a non invasive treatment that is really unique. It doesn’t operate like most of the laser treatments that are offered out there. Is it worth it? If you ask me, yes, it’s worth it. It’s worth every penny you pay for it, because you will actually see the results that you paid for. If you were wondering how to reduce stomach fat without going through all the exercise, Zerona is the bomb. It’s such a relaxing procedure, no trouble at all. Sit back and relax, and you’ll be out in a second. And if you’re also asking does laser lipo work, the answer is also positive. But go for Zerona, PEOPLE! You won’t regret it believe me. 3-4 treatments and you’re good to go!

  5. Tan
    Tan says:

    For me Zerona does nothing. It didn’t even show any effects after six treatment. Now what kind of a thing is that? I gave so much money away. Luckily, the doctor was pleasant enough to point it out to me and tell me that it’s not going to work. I see now that body contouring is so difficult to do if you don’t try to coordinate your entire lifestyle. The cellulite isn’t just going to go away like that, with one laser treatment or a couple of them. But when you here those words, you automatically think of something fast and efficient. But it’s not like that at all. So don’t get your hopes up too much. Are these two the only methods of laser fat removal, or are there any other procedures that you could recommend?

  6. Chic
    Chic says:

    I’m a middle aged woman who had one baby, and before I went for Velasmooth, I had an embarrassing problem. I had the classic love handles that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard I tried to exercise and lead a healthy lifestyle. Luckily, I found that Velasmooth is a great way to get rid of stomach fat. I was finally sick of my flaws, and went to a doctor who could tell me exactly what’s new and hot on the ’’market’’. That’s how he introduced me to Velasmooth. I can reduce stomach fat with only a couple of treatments. So far, I’ve had two treatments, and I can’t wait to get some more, because it’s not actually that bad. Now I am also on a strict diet and I try to exercise heavily each day, to give it a chance to work even better on me. Holding my fingers crossed!

  7. Charity G.
    Charity G. says:

    I see that fat removal is actually one of the biggest issues out there, and I thought I was the only one who was bothered most by cellulite. I can’t stand the sight of it jiggling away every day. For the past six weeks, I’ve been going to the clinic and getting the Velasmooth treatment, and I can say that it has been an amazing experience so far. So comfortable, not expensive at all, and it’s not even time consuming. It’s the perfect 21st century treatment for all you ladies out there who are busy and need to be up on your feet right after the treatment. This is the perfect way to reduce body fat, no matter what area is critical for you. I hated the jiggly fat on my stomach and my butt, but I can already see the results and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s a great treatment and I would really love it if everyone would give it a chance, because it can do a lot for your body, if you give it a chance! Love <3

  8. Opinion?
    Opinion? says:

    I am a very healthy individual, and I usually don’t have any issues, but ever since I stopped training three times a week, I’ve seen little spots of fat. It’s really disgusting I don’t know how people put up with having fat on their body. I wanted to see if there is some way to determine how many treatments I would need to get rid of fat on my hips. It’s not really a large amount. Zerona sounds okay. How many treatments does it usually take? Any other non invasive lipo methods? Thanks

  9. Velasmooth for the go!
    Velasmooth for the go! says:

    I was considering Velasmooth. My story is quite clear. I don’t have big problems with cellulite, but since I am a perfections and want to tone up my body to the max, I wanted a quick method to get in shape in a couple of months or less. I heard about the Velasmooth treatment through a friend of mine, who was researching ways to get rid of cellulite. Yea, the continuous struggle all of us ladies have, ey? Anyways, laser liposuction with Velasmooth turned out to be a great option for me, since I didn’t have to undergo lots of treatments. My doctor didn’t even recommend doing it, because I am skinny anyways. But probably all of you skinny people will understand that cellulite is the worst on a skinny body. I got it done, had like two treatments. I was afraid at first, but after the first treatment I saw that there are no side effects what so ever, no burning, no swelling, nothing. Nothing bad happened, and I was thrilled. After the second treatment, I saw the results already, and I couldn’t be more happier now. I recommend the Velasmooth, as the best cellulite removal treatment out there.

  10. Cheetah Girl
    Cheetah Girl says:

    I mean, a cellulite treatment with a laser is probably the most effective thing you are going to find out there. As for non surgical liposuction methods, laser is the most effective because it literally burns the fat stacked on your body making you feel uncomfortable. I know, because I’ve had to struggle for years. Fat upon fat, and nothing would work. And I’m the kind of person that would never get any kind of surgery and invade my body in that way. It really does shape up and contour your body to the fullest. I would highly recommend it to all kinds of people, even if you have little cellulite.


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