Hormonal Acne

Hormonal acne is a common problem for many woman, and often presents itself at the same time every month. Many females see it as a never ending skin condition. For many individuals, this will be the first couple of days before menstruation starts, during ovulation, and at the start of a woman’s period. Many woman experience hormonal acne due to the increased oil production in the oil glands located under the skin. Too much oil is produced, which can in turn lead to inflammation. This can cause the skin to become more irritated, which will make the area red and could cause pain. To top this off, there are many different aggravators of hormonal acne. These include stress, which will decrease the production of healthy hormones, such as estrogen, and increase the acne causing hormones. Heat can aggravate the skin by producing sweat, which can help to clog the pores. An individual’s sleep can help produce hormonal acne, as those that are not sleeping well are not able to have the skin heal itself. Dairy products have progesterone in them, which can inflame the skin.


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What does hormonal acne look like?

Hormonal acne will occur during the same time frame each month. The skin will appear to have cysts on it that are often inflamed and quite painful. The cysts will be red and pus filled. For mild forms of hormonal acne, whiteheads may appear. Mild hormonal acne can appear as a rash like acne. Often times, hormonal acne will occur around the mouth, below the nose, on the chin, below the nose, and on the jawline. However, in a severe case of hormonal acne, it can be on the cheeks and the forehead. The back, shoulders and buttocks can also be effected by hormonal acne.

Hormonal acne tends to be sensitive to the touch. It is often deep and cystic. Gentle pressure applied to the acne will often lead to pain. Hormonal acne can often lead to scarring of the skin if the pimples on the skin are popped or squeezed.

How can hormonal acne be treated?

Hormonal acne often times does not respond to the typical over the counter acne products that are on the market nor will hormonal acne be cleared with topical creams as the hormones are responsible for creating this acne, not something under the surface of the skin. Hormonal acne can be treated using the ELOS acne clearing treatment. This effective treatment safely treats the skin, helping to clear up bacteria and oil that are blocking the pores. ELOS is the first technology that combines energies to effectively treat acne at the source of the problem. ELOS acne clearing treatment can be used on most skin types. Treatment cost will vary depending on how bad the hormonal acne is and how many treatments are needed. ELOS acne clearing treatment requires no downtime, and an individual may return to regular activities after the procedure is performed. The treatment does not require any topical anesthetics, but cooling of the skin during treatment will ensure safety during the procedure. Short term redness is a mild side effect, with this typically being the only side effect seen.

Before ELOS acne clearing treatment for hormonal acne is performed, the skin will be cleansed. A thin layer of water will be applied to the treatment area, and then a gentle pulse of light and radio frequency energy will be given. There will be a slight heating sensation felt on the skin. Many individuals compare the feeling to being snapped with a rubber band. Generally, a treatment session lasts about fifteen minutes to half an hour. Three to five treatments are typically needed, with each session being performed every four to six weeks.

6 replies
  1. Pam
    Pam says:

    I used to have really bad hormonal acne. One thing that helped me out greatly was to reduce the amount of dairy products in my diet. I would say that since doing this, my hormonal acne has reduced to about half of what it once was. Granted, I am not at 100% yet with my skin, but I would gladly take my skin looking like it does now then what it looked like with full-fledged hormonal acne.

  2. Stephane
    Stephane says:

    Hormonal acne has plagued me for about two years. At first I did not realize this was the condition that I had. But after keeping a diary on my skin for a few months, I realized that hormones were to blame. So now I am looking into my options. It is clear to me that no face wash or topical cream bought over the counter are going to clear my skin each month and that I need to have something professionally done. I have been doing some research on ELOS and I find that it is a very safe treatment. I have heard only great things about it, and seen some very effective results. I look forward to having this procedure done to treat my hormonal acne and hopefully someday soon, my face will be clear and I can be one of the testimonials for it.

  3. Macy L.
    Macy L. says:

    I suffer from hormonal acne and each month, I cringe when the time comes around. I am interested in trying a treatment for it. ELOS does sound like a great treatment to try. I would like to know if there is anyone that should not have the procedure done, such as woman that are pregnant, etc. Is there anyone that is not a good candidate for this procedure? And also, is this considered to be a medical condition? Would insurance pick up the tab since it deals with the hormones? Or do they consider ELOS a beauty treatment that is not necessary?

  4. KimBearly
    KimBearly says:

    I have hormonal acne and would like to get it taken care of once and for all. I have used all sorts of acne treatments over the years, hoping these would help, but I realize after reading this post that they will never work for me because the issue is deeper than the skin and in the hormones. I am glad that I finally figured this out and will be speaking with my dermatologist soon to see if ELOS technology is right for me.

  5. Queenie
    Queenie says:

    I have used ELOS before, not for hormonal acne, but for some acne scars. I must say that I am impressed with the results. There is not much pain associated with the procedure, it does feel like a slight snapping on the skin but after a short amount of time, the procedure is done. I highly recommend it to those that have acne scars but I am sure that it works well for hormonal acne as well.

  6. Trish
    Trish says:

    I believe that I have hormonal acne. I get acne on my jawline and around my mouth about the same time each month. I have always assumed that it was due to my period, but just assumed that a typical face wash could help to eliminate it. That however has not been the case. For about a week during each month, my face looks awful. Make up only does so much to cover it up and I am very self-conscious. I really want to try out the ELOS acne clearing treatment. I would be in heaven each month if I did not have to wake up seeing a reddened face looking back at me. I am going to see if my dermatologist can do this treatment for me as I want a face that is clear once and for all.


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