Endermologie – A Powerful Alternative to Liposuction?

There are many ways that endermologie technology can be used as a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, but many medical professionals recommend it primarily as a non-invasive way to maximise results of liposuction surgery. It is also commonly used as a non-invasive treatment for cellulite, and that is partly why it is an effective post-op treatment for patients undergoing traditional liposuction.

There are multiple reasons medical professionals recommend this procedure for patients undergoing traditional lipo surgery:

1. Liposuction does not affect the surface layers of the skin, and that is the skin layer affected by cellulite. While this surgery may not cause cellulite, many people still have problems with cellulite after having the surgery. Endermologie treatments over a period of weeks or months after the surgery can help reduce or eliminate the appearance of cellulite.

2. The treatment may help with the aches and pains commonly experienced after surgery. This benefit comes from manipulation of muscle tissue within the surgery site.

3. Scar tissue naturally forms between the skin and your body’s muscle after liposuction is performed. Endermologie treatments can manipulate that scar tissue to reduce or eliminate the lumpy texture that scar tissue creates on the skin’s surface. Scar tissue can also lead to a tight feeling in the skin, and this post-operative procedure will help loosen it up for a more comfortable feel.

4. Deep tissue affected by lipo surgery tend to absorb a lot of water during the recovery process. This post-op treatment can work excess water away from those tissues, reducing swelling and helping the skin to shrink back into its proper place more efficiently.

There is also a cleansing benefit that comes with endermologie treatment. Deep and surface body tissue is manipulated in a manner that allows the body to release stored fat and toxins. This is what many people try to do through dietary supplements, but it comes as an added bonus when you go through this non-invasive cosmetic procedure.

How It Works

Endermologie treatment is essentially a deep-tissue massage technique. A special handheld device is used to repeatedly fold and smooth the skin. The skin is folded by the handheld device, and then the folds are smoothed out. This delivers a deep massage that affects surface skin as well as muscle tissue deep in the body. This stimulation is provided naturally, and the risk of body damage is extremely low.

This procedure can be used on the face as well as any area of the body treated by liposuction. The goal is to deliver smooth, healthy skin that looks more youthful and fresh than the skin prior to treatment. Any medical professional scheduling your liposuction surgery can also recommend and schedule your post-operation endermologie treatments.

How Does Endermologie Work?

Technology with History

Endermologie is not the newest non-surgical cosmetic procedure to be released, but there are some advantages to selecting a procedure that has some history.  You don’t have to worry about undocumented negative side effects and possible damage to your body, since the procedure has been used on thousands of people over the years. You can easily research the results that other people have experienced so that you have a realistic idea of what you can expect from the procedure.

More than 100 scientific studies have been completed in an effort to prove the benefits of endermologie technology and Endermologie treatments in Sydney were once the craze. Not all of these studies are specific to the use of this technology after receiving liposuction, but they do form one collective body of evidence that shows the technology in general is safe and effective.

This is the first non-surgical cosmetic procedure of its kind to be approved by the FDA. There are competing procedures currently available, but endermologie paved the way for those more updated systems.

The history behind endermologie can give you a sense of comfort that you don’t have with newer technologies hitting the cosmetic market today, but don’t assume that this is the right non-surgical option for you. A professional trained to work with this technology as well as other cosmetic procedures will help you assess your individual needs and select the best non-invasive treatments to maximize your results after receiving liposuction.

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  1. Margo
    Margo says:

    Please read endermologie reviews before you go ahead and say something about it! It’s important to help people with comments not be negative and misinforming! My friend called this lipomassage, and I am so happy to have discovered it because it’s great, and so safe, I will never stop going there. Well, eventually I will when I have no more cellulite, and I’m holding my fingers crossed for that. Once you read the reviews of people who actually did it, you will see that it’s an awesome new massage. And it’s a massage it’s not even that dangerous. Loving it! It’s definitely for all ages, I don’t know why it would be bad or anything.

  2. Nicole Melik
    Nicole Melik says:

    What does the endermologie machine look like exactly? Is it like a roller or something, because I don’t really understand the part where it says it folds the skin and then releases it. That sounds so painful. But it’s definitely another choice when it comes to cellulite reduction, and with all these invasive and non invasive cellulite treatments, it’s so hard to make a choice, I mean, back in the day, there was only liposuction and now all these other procedures I don’t even understand how they work.

  3. Endermologie Brisbane
    Endermologie Brisbane says:

    Even the best cellulite cream with the greatest specialist in the world can’t help you if you don’t eat right and work it out girl! Endermologie Brisbane has is very not worth the money, I don’t think the clinic I went to even has the right equipment, that’s so unprofessional. If I ever get to the point where I need fat removal, I would go for classic liposuction, even though it’s not a non surgical treatment, it is fast and permanent. Endermologie isn’t permanent at all…And who guarantees that you are right for and that it will work for you? No one can guarantee you that, and if the doctors say they can, they are completely wrong.

  4. Sarita
    Sarita says:

    I had no idea what endermologie was, I feel so stupid sometimes. I heard great things about massages; I even went to a girl that does massages for cellulite. She applies a cellulite cream first, and then massages your body, or just the areas you want to. It hurts a lot, or at least I was in a big pain. She grabs your skin so hard, and I’m guessing that’s to break the fat that’s under your skin. I’m guessing, that’s what she told me.
    After that, I had bruises, and I got scared, but I read later that it’s normal. I didn’t go to a massage after that, I thought it’s not a good choice. I regret it now… I think I’m going to give endermologie a try. I didn’t trust human hands, maybe I will trust a machine. I hope that it doesn’t hurt as much as the massage!

  5. Jill Teracy
    Jill Teracy says:

    I still am a great fan of laser cellulite treatment. This seems to slow for me. And painful. I tend to gravitate towards faster skin care that gives fast results. This would just be too much of trouble to go through, and visit frequently. Just doesn’t appeal to me.

  6. Anna
    Anna says:

    What are the main cellulite causes that can be stopped and prevented, and if not which one’s can be fixed with endermologie? If it’s genetic, I highly doubt that a couple of massages will help me, because it will keep reappearing.

  7. Kacie
    Kacie says:

    I think for endermologie Sydney is a good place to go, I live here so that’s why I say. I don’t know about any other places, but here you can get the best cellulite treatment. I went to a specialist, well, I first made an appointment, and then we made an assessment, or rather an evaluation of my current state. I told him what I don’t like and what I’d like to change, and I also gave him like a background of my eating habits and exercise routines, but I don’t have any so it doesn’t count. He also asked me if I had any procedures done. I didn’t have any, and I didn’t want to have any so he suggested endermologie, which I didn’t even know existed. It’s a safe way to get the fat from the surface out of your body, or rather to break it. And I tried it… To be completely frank, it did hurt a little bit, and made me cringe a couple of times, it’s not really that pleasant. There’s nothing you can do about that pain. After the massage, I felt like I had muscle ache, and I felt like that for three days. Now I’m going to go again, because you really need to go a couple of times before you can see any results.

  8. Jordan
    Jordan says:

    Oh, this is so true! This massage is like therapy to me, and it works well! It’s not that painful, at least to me, but I’m really not a sensitive girl. I have strong skin and very moist, and the reason why I am saying this is because people with dry skin tend to be more sensitive to the pain of massage because the skin stretching can be very unpleasant. I found out about this through a magazine, while I was looking for cellulite creams that work, if there are any, I don’t think there are at all, but never mind. I went for endermologie Perth clinics have, and it was a cosy, nice place, with nice staff and doctors, and really it’s something that you can do without the endermologie machine, but it’s an awesome anti cellulite treatment! I didn’t have any bruises or anything similar to that, I was completely fine, I even felt like I was wasting money. But that’s only in the beginning, before you see any actual results. I think that surgical lipo, or laser lipo is totally unnecessary if you give this a try.

  9. cellulite treatments
    cellulite treatments says:

    I know several cellulite creams that work well, from several very expensive brands, but you just need to know how to apply it and massage it into your skin, oh, and also be very persistent!


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