Electrolysis Hair Removal

How does the Electrolysis Hair Removal work?

PLEASE NOTE: Advanced Dermatology does not provide electrolysis treatment any longer. This article is for education and information purposes only. 

Electrolysis is a method used for removing hair on a person’s face or body. Areas that can be treated with electrolysis hair removal include face, eyebrows, abdomen, breasts, arms, underarms, back, chest, shoulders, thighs, and legs. A fine probe will be inserted into the hair follicle. An electric current will pass through the probe to destroy the follicle. Electrolysis is the only FDA approved method for permanently removing unwanted hair. A half an hour session will typically cost a person about $45.

How many electrolysis hair removal treatments will be needed?

The number of treatments for this method of hair removal will vary for each individual. Some find that weekly treatments are needed, while others will skip a week in between each session. One treatment will last anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour. Multiple sessions are needed as hair has three different growing stages (growing, resting, and shedding). Since all hair will not be in the same phase, a number of treatments are done to be the most effective hair removal. Once a series of electrolysis has been done, the hair will be permanently removed.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having electrolysis hair removal?

Electrolysis has a proven track record, with removing hair either permanently or for long periods of time. Many different skin and hair types can use electrolysis, as the pigment will not be targeted like a laser treatment. Those that can not have laser treatments done are good candidates for electrolysis hair removal.

Hair follicles that are bent can cause issues for those that have the electrolysis treatment. The hair follicles can be bent by waxing or tweezing that was previously done. This will make it harder for the needle to destroy the hair follicle. Another disadvantage is that multiple treatments are needed. On average, a person will need anywhere from 15 to 30 sessions to have permanent hair removal. The skin can also become discolored if the treatment is not applied correctly.

Does electrolysis hurt?

There may be pain associated with electrolysis. Each hair follicle on the body part having the procedure done will feel any pain that is associated with the treatment. Electrolysis has been reported to feeling like a pricking and stinging sensation.

Is there anyone who is not a good candidate for electrolysis?

Electrolysis should never be performed on a person that has a pacemaker. Hair should never be removed on places that have a mole or a birthmark.

What can one expect after an electrolysis hair removal treatment?

Post treatment, the skin can be swollen, red or tender. The hair should begin to disappear several weeks to months after the first treatment. Possible side effects include scarring, including keloids, and changes in the skin color.

Who should perform electrolysis hair removal?

When deciding upon doing electrolysis, it is equally important finding the correct person to perform this procedure. Look for a qualified skin expert that has been certified or licensed, making sure that it is up to date. Asking for recommendations from family, friends and coworkers is often helpful. It is important to get a consultation first to ask questions and concerns about the procedure. Good questions to ask include how long the procedure will take, how it will feel, how many treatments are expected, the cost of each treatment, and how many clients they have performed the procedure on. Also ask if they do needle electrolysis, as this is the only permanent hair removal procedure. When at the consultation, look around. Notice if the place is clean looking, if the clinicians seem knowledgeable about the procedure. Ask if you can meet the skin doctor that will be performing the procedure on you to ensure it’s an experienced clinician.

*In light of recent changes to technology, we have discontinued providing Laser Hair Removal services. As a leading provider of other Non-Surgical Cosmetic Medicine services we now focus in Facial Enhancement and Body Contouring treatments.*

5 replies
  1. Alexia Blue
    Alexia Blue says:

    I am a swimmer and have to shave daily. I shave my underarms and my legs. The issue that I have run into is that my legs often burn from the pool water. I find that it is better to shave at night, but I often do not have the time or the energy so I am forced to do it in the morning. I feel that if I had some sort of method to remove the hair, I would be forever grateful. I know that I could handle the sting of electrolysis hair removal. What I wonder is if after I have a treatment done, would I still be able to go swimming that day or the next day?

  2. paula
    paula says:

    I am interested in having a few sessions of electrolysis done. Where do you look to have one of these treatments done at? I assume that any one of the local laser clinics would be able to perform this treatment? I would love to be able to have legs that I do not have to worry about shaving all the time. I can never get a real close shave and it is not fun to have to shave daily! Plus the razors always nick me no matter how patient I am in the whole matter. I think that having a permanent hair removal would be a great solution for someone like me.

  3. Ted-ious21
    Ted-ious21 says:

    I am a 21 year old male with lots of hair on my chest. I have tried waxing once but that was so painful for me to rip off, plus the wax was so hot that it burned my skin. I would never use that option again. I would like to find a laser clinic near my home that specializes in permanent hair removal. I think that electrolysis sounds like a decent method to use. I have heard quite a bit about this, and have never heard anyone complain about it.

  4. blackcat
    blackcat says:

    I have had electrolysis hair removal done at a laser clinic. I had tried other hair removal methods, but nothing completely worked for me. I still had hair growing, or it left a stubble that I just did not want to deal with. The clinic offered me a free consultation, which was very nice because then I got to meet the electrologist that would perform the treatment. One question that I asked was if there would be anyone that would be assisting with the procedure and what sort of qualifications they had. I felt that it was important to know. The laser clinic that I chose to do the service was very clean and the entire staff really seemed knowledgeable, which really helped settle my feelings about the place. And I did make sure to notice that they always wore gloves, which set my mind at ease.

  5. macy'sister
    macy'sister says:

    I am very interested in having permanent hair removal on my underarms. I have tried different methods of hair removal and am just not satisfied with any of them. Shaving is a pain,and I have to do it daily. I have tried hair removal cream, but that stuff is just a waste of money. Plus I find that it smells really bad and aggravates my skin like no other. I think that electrolysis would be a good treatment for me to do. I can easily tolerate pain so that would not bother me at all.


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