Through the natural processes of ageing, collagen in the dermis (the mid-layer of skin) is gradually lost and contributes to the formation of facial lines, sagging skin and wrinkles. The Thermage procedure uses a special treatment tip (ThermaTip™) to deliver controlled amounts of RF energy into the collagen layers of the skin. This form of energy produces a heating action that penetrates the collagen and causes it to contract and tighten. In addition, collagen production is triggered and over a period of about 6 months, new collagen grows to further tighten the skin. Thermage stimulates your body’s natural renewal of collagen, which creates subtle, natural looking results on and off the face, lik tighter, smoother skin, softened wrinkles and lines  and an overall younger looking appearance. So people won’t think you’ve been away at surgery. They’ll think you’ve been away on vacation. Thermage is compatible with most cosmetic procedures; however, you will need to discuss your past procedures, as well as your current expectations, with your physician.

Body Shaping by Thermage

Bothered by loose skin on your upper arms? Always longed for a shapely tummy but not willing to tolerate the scars and downtime of liposuction? Designed specifically for body sculpting, the newest tip delivers its tightening effect more deeply into the thicker dermal layers of the body skin to not only tighten the existing collagen, but also to eliminate unwanted superficial fat. Thermage Body Shape procedure is a non-invasive procedure that can help tighten, firm, and shape the body following just one treatment, without surgery or injections and little to no downtime.

Face by Thermage 

Thermage can be used to lift sagging eyebrows, to raise and sculpt cheekbones, and to redefine the jaw line.

Neck by Thermage

Thermage is a popular nonsurgical treatment to improve the appearance of loose neck skin and to eliminate “double chins”.

Thermage Treatment as an Anti-Aging Option

Thermage treatments have become a relatively popular non-invasive anti-aging treatment option for those patients who aren’t viable candidates for cosmetic surgery. These treatments use radio waves that penetrate the epidermis of the skin and interact with the cells’ collagen fibers to reshape and tighten skin in order to make the surface of the skin appear smoother. Thermage treatments are most commonly used on the face, neck, stomach, and arms, where sagging skin is most prevalent. This procedure is usually performed by doctors and skin care professionals as an outpatient treatment and usually does not require a prolonged hospital stay. Much like fractional laser treatment, thermage treatments are highly focused and the skin care specialists who perform the procedure can usually treat small areas without affecting surrounding skin.

Who Should Seek Thermage Treatments?

Because the radio waves that are used during treatment penetrate the skin and boost collagen growth without damaging or destroying the cells of the epidermis, this is a procedure that may be a viable option for even those with sensitive skin. There are few known side effects believed to be associated with Thermage treatments, and since it requires little to no healing time or after care, it’s a possible option for people who want to smooth their aging skin but can’t take time away from their busy lives to spend weeks healing from cosmetic surgery. Thermage may also be an option for people who have sagging skin around and under the eyes, as unlike many laser treatments, this procedure can treat these delicate areas more safely. However, because this is not a surgical procedure, it is important to note that its effects are not as drastic as a face lift, or other, more invasive treatment.

What to Expect During Thermage Treatment

There are no special preparations needed to undergo Thermage treatment. Your face should be free cosmetics and lotions, and its best to thoroughly wash your face in the evening and morning before treatment without applying any creams or other skin care products in between. Most skin care specialists will place a rubber grounding pad on your abdomen as a precaution, and small plastic discs are placed over the eyelids if the eye area is being treated.

As the treatment begins, the Thermage machine monitors the surface temperature of your skin and applies a cooling spray where it is needed throughout the duration of the procedure in order to minimize discomfort and redness. Because of this monitoring technology, Thermage treatments tend to be a less painful procedure to get rid of wrinkles and sagging skin. Depending on the size of the area treated, Thermage treatments typically take anywhere from one to two hours.

After Thermage Treatment

While some patients can resume activities right away, those who have thin or sensitive skin may experience redness or mild swelling that may cause discomfort. However, since patients can usually apply cosmetics right after the procedure, they may be able to conceal some of this redness. Severe swelling or bruising is unlikely with Thermage treatment, and most patients can resume normal activities almost immediately. Repeat treatments usually take place six months after the initial procedure.

Additional Thermage Side Effects

While instances of unusual side effects are rare, some patients who have undergone Thermage treatments have experienced indentations or depressions in the skin at the treatment site. This usually happens when the amount of energy used is higher than what is normally delivered in a typical treatment to target especially stubborn wrinkles. While this skin indenting is thought to be rare, it is usually seen when the procedure is used on the abdomen or the thighs. If you are concerned about any side effects that may occur with Thermage treatments, you should first discuss your medical history and goals with your doctor before undergoing the procedure.

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  1. Sharon says:

    I went for thermage in Melbourne last week. It was one of my last sessions for some time. I did a couple of them, and they really did help a lot. The results are sort of like when you get a face lift, only you didn’t really go under the knife. But not just for the face. I found thermage treatments effective for my underarm skin… It’s not that flappy anymore, and it does seem more tight. Combined with exercise, and my body is pretty toned. As for the face, my complexion is so much more clear and radiant. And it was even after the first treatment. Even my mother could notice it… It was obviously more noticeable to me, but after a few treatments, everybody was starting to notice something different about me. No cream can do that, and if it could, it wouldn’t last half as long as the thermage results do.

  2. Arianna says:

    Getting real surgery done on my face isn’t an option.. I don’t like clinics, hospitals, incisions, basically anything related to invasive techniques. I am more of a natural kind of girl. I use many different beauty products daily, but they don’t really help a lot. Thermage reviews seemed legit enough to try it out. I consulted with a specialist in a clinic in Melbourne. He was very pleasant and informative, but the thermage cost just knocked me off my feet. It is so pricey, and for a procedure that has no guarantee that it will work? But hey, I gave it a go.. I must say I am quite satisfied with the results now.. The procedure itself is a bit boring and long, but the results are so noticeable… Just make sure to check with different clinics, because they can vary with prices.. Some clinics even give you a discount if you undergo several sessions.

  3. Lily Gocher says:

    Can I just say that a thermage treatment is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and that you will not regret it. Well, it does depend on the skin type, skin issue, but I don’t think anyone has worse skin than me. Acne, scars, infections, wrinkles, lines you name it.. I’m like a walking commercial for bad skin. Anyways, as surgery can be quite expensive and painful, I tried out different procedures…laser treatments, ipl laser treatment, fraxel… Who has read around, they will know what all of those are. However, my specialist recommended this revolutionary treatment, a process that led my skin on the healing path. Does thermage work, for real? It did for me, and I will definitely continue using it. It really does help soothe my skin, prevent any infections, my skin is tighter, it’s not that damaged anymore…Awesome and indeed a revolution in the beauty industry!

  4. Misty Lynn says:

    Personally, the thermage cost doesn’t appeal to me at all. But I was reading a lot of thermage reviews online, and it does seem to be a very highly ranked procedure these days. I wasn’t looking for a facelift, like many other women do. I have an issue with my eyelids, ever since I was young, I’ve struggled since they were kind of loose and hanging. Then I read online that the hooding of the eyes can be reduced with a natural method like this one, not just with surgery. I wasn’t really thinking of going to surgery, but this seems like a thing worth considering. I would like to know if anyone else had this procedure done, and how does it look like.. Are there any special side effects that I should know before I go for a consultation? I like to get all the information before I go to ask for something, especially if it’s about my well-being.

  5. Ellena says:

    I look fantastic and I feel fantastic, ever since I went to a clinic where they recommended that I join the trend and try out the thermage treatment. It’s a very unique and innovative skin rejuvenation and tightening procedure that gives you optimal results. As far as the side effects, I didn’t have any. Luckily, I escaped all the stinging or itchiness, swelling and infections. My doctor said that they are possible, but that they happen very rare and they occur in cases where people have sensitive and delicate skin. I dealt with it so well, they say I am the perfect candidate.

  6. Lara J says:

    Sydney facial clinics really have a great variety of procedures. They offer things I have never even heard of before, it is unbelievable. I didn’t really understand how thermage works, it sounds complicated… It is somewhat hard to understand, it is not written in simple language… But I googled before and after pictures… People who had done it seem like they had a facelift, I mean, they kind of look like that, only more natural…

  7. Joanna says:

    In thermage reviews they describe it like a non surgical face lift. Is it really like that? I highly doubt that you can use waves to get the same effect as you can with surgery. Surgery is, after all, the number one option for best effects and changes that are drastic. It is more aggressive, but I really believe in it. I’d never resort to these kind of treatments, simply because you waste money. If you gather all the money you wasted on numerous thermage treatments, you can pay off a surgery. That you only do once and you get the change that will last you a lifetime. It’s not really more expensive if you take into account everything… But I guess it’s a personal choice, we’re all allowed to have a different opinion. I don’t believe in this at all…

  8. Tina says:

    I didn’t know what to expect when I went for my first thermage treatment. It was a very pleasant treatment. I’m not a beauty type, and I don’t visit clinics very often. So, when I chose to go for skin tightening, it was just because I work with people on an everyday basis, and my look really plays a big role in landing a business deal. I wanted to look fresh and happy. Presentable at least, not tired and unhappy. Thermage did the trick. After just one treatment, I began to notice a difference. My cheeks and forehead were looking plumper and my eyes didn’t look like I was crying all night. Next time I am going to treat my neck area, so I don’t have to waste all that money on expensive creams. Thermage really is great…

  9. Layla says:

    I read the thermage reviews and I expected it to be scarier. Not scary, but challenging, since I have delicate skin. Even though I always faced issues with my skin, I was surprised at how effective thermage turned out for me. It turned out great! I also don’t have a lot of time to be messing around the clinics for entire days and weeks, so for thermage Sydney is the best place to go to. You go in and out of the office, because people understand how busy lives can be. They don’t bother you more than necessary. I mean, they don’t bother you, it’s just that, some doctors like to make the entire process longer than it should be. I really had great experiences with thermage and the face lift it did. My skin is smoother, tighter and softer…

  10. Lynn says:

    I have had Thermage done to help tighten my skin. I had very loose skin on my neck that I was not happy with. I opted for this skin treatment as I did not want to have to go under the knife. There was some mild redness on my neck after the procedure was done, but that was to be expected with such a treatment. I was able to do my normal activities right after the procedure was done. I would have to say that I would recommend this treatment to others as it really did make my skin tighter on my neck. I am not as self conscious as I once was and no longer feel the need to wear a scarf with every outfit.


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